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I thought our British universities held the patent on academic anti-Semitism; it seems America has caught up with us.

May 18, 2015 | Douglas Murray
About the author: Douglas Murray is an associate editor at the Spectator and author of, most recently, The Madness of Crowds
This is a response to Anti-Semitism Goes to School, originally published in Mosaic in May 2015

Students protest a 2014 visit to the Cambridge Union by Israeli Ambassador to the UK Daniel Taub. Chris Williamson/Getty Images.

In recent years, whenever I have had an opportunity to speak to an American audience concerned about anti-Israel activism and rising anti-Semitism, I point out that in these matters the U.S. is only a few years behind Britain and Europe. Look what is happening on the old continent, I say, and you can see your future. Reading Ruth Wisse’s important essay, “Anti-Semitism Goes to School,” is a reminder that the years change faster than my speeches—so much faster that I feel I can finally say, “Commiserations, America: you have caught up with us.”

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