Will Anti-Semitism Spread From American Universities to American Culture? https://mosaicmagazine.com/response/israel-zionism/2015/05/will-anti-semitism-spread-from-american-universities-to-american-culture/

American society is solidly free of the Israel-centered anti-Semitism that dominates its universities. Can that last?

May 12, 2015 | Ben Cohen
About the author: Ben Cohen, a New York-based writer, has contributed essays on anti-Semitism and related issues to Mosaic and other publications.
This is a response to Anti-Semitism Goes to School, originally published in Mosaic in May 2015

A sign at an anti-Israel protest in 2014. DuncanC/Flickr.

At the end of her sweeping probe into the normalization of anti-Semitism on American campuses, Ruth Wisse lays down a double challenge. Can the United States, the world’s pre-eminent liberal democracy and the one most exceptionally hospitable to its Jewish minority, retain that exceptional status “by recognizing the threat [posed by contemporary anti-Semitism] and fighting it off?” For their part, can American Jews, by gathering their mettle, help this country’s universities “heal themselves of this most deadly pathology?”

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