France's Long Ambivalent Relationship with the Jews

The image of a “French republican idyll” masks a history of repeated anti-Jewish prejudice, and worse.

October 19, 2015 | Joshua Muravchik
About the author: Joshua Muravchik is the author most recently of Heaven on Earth: The Rise, Fall, and Afterlife of Socialism (Encounter).
This is a response to The Twilight of French Jewry, the Twilight of France, originally published in Mosaic in October 2015

From Storming of the Tuileries on August 10, 1792 during the French Revolution. Jacques Bertaux, 1793. Wikipedia.

At the outset of his very interesting and provocative essay, Alain El-Mouchan quotes French Prime Minister Manuel Valls: “If 100,000 [French] Jews leave [for Israel], France will no longer be France. The French Republic will be judged a failure.”

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