Wilf: Israel's Final Border https://mosaicmagazine.com/response/israel-zionism/2020/06/wilf-israels-final-border/

Israel is near the end of a long journey to set its permanent borders. That’s what the annexation debate is really about.

June 23, 2020 | Einat Wilf
About the author: Einat Wilf, a former Labor member of Israel’s Knesset, is the author of Telling Our Story and The War of Return (with Adi Schwartz).
This is a response to Examining Israel’s Eastern Borders: A Symposium, originally published in Mosaic in June 2020

Israel is near the end of a long-term journey to set its final borders. The current discussion about a possible Israeli decision to extend its sovereignty over some territories west of the Jordan River—also known as annexation of parts of the West Bank—should be understood in this context. What’s going on now is less about the grand reckoning between competing visions of the Jewish state that some portray it as; it’s really more about the setting of Israel’s last frontier.

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