In the AMIA Case There Was an Unconscionable Miscarriage of Justice, But No Cover-Up

Who perpetrated the attack was known, but Argentina’s corrupt and tangled judicial system made it almost impossible to hold the guilty to account.

August 26, 2019 | Noga Tarnopolsky
About the author: Noga Tarnopolsky has two decades of experience as a journalist focusing on Israel, the Middle East, and Latin America.
This is a response to The Shameful Cover-Up of the Worst Attack on Diaspora Jews Since the Holocaust, originally published in Mosaic in August 2019

Former magistrate Juan José Galeano attends as defendant on August 16, 2015: the first day of hearings into the 1994 AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires. Matías Baglietto/NurPhoto via Getty Images.

Toward the end of his essay in Mosaic marking 25 years since the July 1994 terrorist attack on the AMIA building in Buenos Aires, Rabbi Avi Weiss states that “everyone knew that Iran masterminded the bombing.”

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