The Consequences of a World without Constraints

In a world without a creator God Who actually cares about us and about what we do, reducing pain becomes the primary thing that matters. And that leads to all sorts of deformities.

January 27, 2020 | Eric Cohen
About the author: Eric Cohen is executive director of the Tikvah FundHe is the author of In the Shadow of Progress: Being Human in the Age of Technology (2008), editor-at-large of the New Atlantis, and a contributor to numerous publications.
This is a response to The Message from Jerusalem, originally published in Mosaic in January 2020

A march on Overdose Awareness Day in 2017 in New York City. Spencer Platt/Getty Images.

Thoughtful readers and critics are the greatest gift to any writer, and so I am grateful to George Weigel, Wilfred McClay, and David Novak for reading my essay on the meaning of Jerusalem with their usual mix of moral clarity and civilizational depth.

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