Zionism's "Black Boxes" https://mosaicmagazine.com/response/uncategorized/2014/07/zionisms-black-boxes/

Martin Kramer shows how Ari Shavit manipulates and distorts Israeli history; but Kramer has an agenda of his own.

July 13, 2014 | Benny Morris
About the author: Benny Morris is a visiting professor in Israel studies at Georgetown University and the author of, among other books, 1948: A History of the First Arab–Israeli War (Yale, 2008).
This is a response to What Happened at Lydda, originally published in Mosaic in July 2014

A British map of the area around Lydda.
To begin with, here are the generally undisputed facts of, to borrow Martin Kramer’s title in Mosaic, “What Happened at Lydda”:

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