Adolf Hitler

A German art historian offers a mesmerizing tour of the luminaries, many of them Jewish, at the heart of European culture before World War. . .

Susanne Klingenstein
Dec. 9 2013 12:00AM

“To adapt Churchill: never in the field of global diplomacy has so much been given away by so many for so little.”

Bret Stephens
Nov. 27 2013 12:00AM

On the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, archival documents suggest Hitler ensured that Ernst vom Rath succumbed to the attempt on his life, thus providing a. . .

Nov. 8 2013 5:00AM

A group of refugee German intellectuals, mostly Jewish, mainly Marxist, enjoyed a postwar reputation—unearned—for insight into the nature of Nazism and Nazi anti-Semitism.

Sept. 9 2013 12:00AM

Even as it may overstate the contribution of Jews to Hitler’s defeat, a new book offers a useful corrective to prevailing views of Jewish impotence.

Gavriel D. Rosenfeld
Sept. 4 2013 12:00AM

A new biography of the archeologist Max von Oppenheim portrays him as the most prominent of a small group of Jewish Nazis. Trouble is, Oppenheim. . .

Aug. 22 2013 12:00AM

A collection of reports on wartime Germany sheds light on the Marxist Jewish refugees hired by the U.S. government to explain Hitler and the Nazis.

William E. Scheuerman
June 24 2013 12:00AM

Two new biographies of Pius XII suggest that, although he was no Nazi sympathizer, his diplomatic accommodations suited Hitler’s long-term purposes, including toward the Jews.

John Cornwell
June 17 2013 12:00AM

The diary of Alfred Rosenberg, one of Hitler's closest confidants, has been lost since the Nuremberg trials in 1946. Now it has been rediscovered.

John Shiffman
June 11 2013 12:00AM

By persecuting the “degenerate” art of Jewish musicians and composers, Hitler sought to enshrine the supremacy of Austro-German musical culture.  Instead, he destroyed it.

June 4 2013 12:07AM