When news of the Jewish justice’s death spread last week, so did a lot of weird claims about how Jews should mourn and what they believe. It’s time to clear things up.

Sept. 25 2020 12:01AM

And what you need to know in case you ever encounter him.

Nov. 13 2019 12:01AM

Plus: the crisis of academic Bible scholarship.

March 6 2019 12:01AM

American Karni.

Feb. 21 2019 12:01AM

Can Yiddish literature be delightful?

March 23 2018 12:01AM

The divine situation comedy.

Alexi Sargeant
Feb. 19 2018 12:01AM

A reflective history of Jewish views of death and what follows it.

Abraham Socher
April 6 2017 12:01AM

Saving the lowliest sinners from hellfire.

David Shyovitz
May 6 2016 12:01AM

The answer lies in the Tree of Life.

Hayyim Angel
Oct. 20 2015 12:01AM

On the reaction of American Jews to Lincoln’s death.

April 13 2015 12:01AM

Justice would come to the oppressive Greeks in the afterlife.

Candida Moss
March 26 2015 12:01AM

Discussion of the afterlife is largely absent from Jewish religious discussion today, but for a long time the concept of postmortem reward and punishment was. . .

Elon Gilad
Jan. 22 2015 12:01AM

In the 2nd century BCE, after centuries of living in a province of one or another empire, Jews won themselves a powerful independent kingdom. In. . .

Philip Jenkins
Nov. 18 2014 12:01AM