Alice Walker

The New Yorker’s fawning avoids the denunciations and hand-wringing that we’ve come to expect when other bigots are profiled.

Caitlin Flanagan
May 2 2022 12:01AM

The Jews Don’t Count.

Nick Cohen
Feb. 15 2021 12:01AM

As other anti-Semitic screeds sink into oblivion, the Protocols endures.

Steven J. Zipperstein
Aug. 27 2020 12:01AM

It’s ok, because she hates Israel.

Yair Rosenberg
Dec. 18 2018 12:01AM

Despite being funded by stalwart Zionists, two of New York’s major Jewish cultural institutions are increasingly sympathetic to anti-Israel agitation.

Bethany Mandel
Aug. 21 2013 12:00AM

The virulently anti-Israel views of the author of The Color Purple are but one part of larger musings on the “root of the incredible evil. . .

Jonathan Kay
June 6 2013 12:00AM