Arab anti-Semitism

Jew-hatred was a cause, not a consequence, of the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Matthias Küntzel
July 13 2023 12:01AM

The popularity of the Protocols.

Yigal Carmon
June 28 2023 12:01AM

“A Jew is a Jew, whether in Israel or Moscow.”

Jacob Magid
July 20 2022 12:01AM

“You, Khaled, you have issues with Palestinian stuff.”

David Rose
April 5 2022 12:01AM

“A Muslim shande.”

Abdullah Antepli
Feb. 1 2022 12:01AM

Miguel Correa.

Gabby Deutsch
Jan. 12 2022 12:01AM

“Breaking pacts and malice are among the inherent characteristics of the Jews.”

David Andrew Weinberg
Dec. 20 2021 12:01AM

A virtuous cycle of philo-Semitism.

April 15 2021 12:01AM

“Poison” and pro-Hizballah propaganda.

Alberto Miguel Fernandez
Sept. 3 2020 12:01AM

A new report names it the European country most dangerous for Jews.

Judith Miller
Feb. 27 2020 12:01AM

And Berlin must get serious about confronting it.

Rawan Osman
Feb. 18 2020 12:01AM

The Protocols are gone, but Jews are still “monkeys” and “assassins.”

Kimberly Dozier
Feb. 13 2020 12:01AM