Fake writing and filling an archaeological “black hole.”

Amanda Borschel-Dan
July 1 2020 12:01AM

A 6th-century-BCE record of purchasing a slave.

Rachel Bernstein
Dec. 4 2018 12:01AM

An answer to ancient Near Eastern mythology.

Robert Miller II
Oct. 12 2018 12:01AM

At Israel’s Bible Lands Museum, on display for the first time is a collection of some 100 clay tablets documenting the lives of Jews exiled. . .

Ilan Ben Zion
Feb. 3 2015 12:01AM

The tenth day of the Hebrew month of Tevet (this year, January 1), is one of the more obscure and poorly understood dates on the. . .

Jeffrey Woolf
Dec. 31 2014 12:01AM

Hebrew should have perished in multilingual ancient Persia and Babylon. It endured because it symbolized Jewish autonomy and political legitimacy.

Fred Reiss
Feb. 17 2014 12:01AM

An ancient flood narrative inscribed on a 4,000-year-old Babylonian cuneiform tablet gives precise instructions for building an ark and recruiting its animal cargo—two by two.

Irving Finkel
Jan. 20 2014 12:00AM

Scholars have thoroughly examined the Greco-Roman influence on the talmudic rabbis, to the neglect of the Iranian influence. No longer. (Interview by Alan Brill)

Shai Secunda
Oct. 7 2013 12:00AM