BDS and how to fight it.

David May
Jan. 29 2020 12:01AM

No, American policy on the settlements won’t help BDS.

Asaf Romirowsky
Jan. 8 2020 12:01AM

After 150 years, an attempt to universalize Judaism hasn’t turned out as expected.

Sean Cooper
Dec. 20 2019 12:01AM

Thus they reject Judaism as Jews themselves see it.

William Kolbrener
Dec. 20 2019 12:01AM

A tax-exempt financial pipeline to Hamas.

Nadav Shragai
Dec. 16 2019 12:01AM

Winning a battle in a long war.

Ben-Dror Yemini
Dec. 10 2019 12:01AM

Jerusalem must abandon its faith that the EU can be talked out of its hostility.

Caroline Glick
Nov. 21 2019 12:01AM

Only the Jewish state is singled out with such regulations.

Alan Baker
Nov. 14 2019 12:01AM

Omar Shakir’s hypocrisy.

Ben-Dror Yemini
Nov. 8 2019 12:01AM

Like Milton’s Satan, it need only convince moderates of moral equivalence between the forces of good and evil.

William Kolbrener
Oct. 28 2019 12:01AM

Behind the Mask.

Cary Nelson
Oct. 18 2019 12:01AM

Which is more revealing, the conscious lie or the unconscious one?

Oct. 8 2019 12:01AM

Why a BDS activist shouldn’t get a prize named for Nelly Sachs.

Howard Jacobson
Oct. 4 2019 12:01AM

Its aim is the destruction of the Jewish state, and its result will be bloodshed.

Sept. 27 2019 12:01AM