Or risk the Negev sinking into chaos.

Ariel Ben Solomon
March 10 2017 12:01AM

They were most likely stolen in the 1950s.

Ruth Schuster
Feb. 9 2017 12:01AM

Whether of Bedouin or settlers.

Moshe Arens
Jan. 27 2017 12:01AM

“The parties to the conflict . . . will not be swayed by the language of artists.”

March 25 2016 12:01AM

According to radical Israeli scholars, nomadic desert clans have a strong legal claim to ownership of large tracts in the Negev. The facts point elsewhere.

Seth Frantzman
April 1 2014 12:01AM

“I’m a proud Arab, a Muslim, a Sunni. And I am an Israeli, too. These terms don’t contradict. When the Israeli football team succeeds, I’m. . .

Magdi Mazarib
March 21 2014 12:01AM

Bedouin claims to ownership of land in southern Israel are not simply unfounded, but deliberately contrived to undermine Israeli sovereignty in the Negev.

Akiva Bigman
Jan. 10 2014 12:00AM

Betraying the people they claim to defend, European and Israeli Arab activists have turned an Israeli plan for resettling Bedouins into an excuse for an anti-Zionist crusade.

Dec. 4 2013 12:00AM

A recklessly mendacious film invokes Fiddler on the Roof to equate Israel’s handling of Bedouin land claims in the Negev desert with the expulsion. . .

Ben-Dror Yemini
Dec. 2 2013 12:00AM

The Sinai Peninsula is poised to become another terrorist breeding ground on Israel’s border—especially if Egypt continues to treat it as a fringe concern.

Ashraf Khalil
June 26 2013 12:00AM