The legacy of the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre.

Mark Tooley
Aug. 26 2022 12:01AM

What a scholar learned from the Victorians.

João Carlos Espada and William Kristol
Oct. 27 2020 12:01AM

The Bodleian Bowl.

Rebecca Abrams
Feb. 20 2018 12:01AM

Eighty-seven were killed, with British collusion.

Ofer Aderet
Dec. 2 2016 12:01AM

No real friend of the Jewish people.

Norman Gelb
March 28 2016 12:01AM

“Suddenly, along comes a woman dressed like a man, riding a horse . . .”

Shirly Seidler
May 28 2015 12:01AM

Or is it just “Drink, drink, drink”?

Edward Short
May 15 2015 12:01AM

Why was the English novelist so interested in Jews?

Ann Marlow
April 27 2015 12:01AM

Neo-Nazis aren’t the only people in Britain calling for boycotts of Jews.

April 21 2015 12:01AM

During the period of British rule, Burma (now Myanmar) became home to small but thriving Jewish community, of which now little remains. Joe Freeman looks. . .

Joe Freeman
Feb. 10 2015 12:01AM

In Britain, as elsewhere, anti-Semitic comments and slurs remain socially acceptable in circles where voicing other prejudices—against blacks, or Pakistanis, for instance—is anathema. The comedian. . .

David Baddiel
Dec. 8 2014 12:01AM

The authors of the medical journal’s infamous “open letter” on Gaza are anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists with ties to David Duke; the journal’s editor seems fine. . .

Jake Wallis Simons
Sept. 24 2014 12:01AM

The British Pre-Raphaelites wanted to turn back the artistic and cultural clock; the Italian Futurists wanted to turn it (violently) forward. What do Jews and Christians want?

Daniel Ross Goodman
Aug. 27 2014 12:01AM