Theodore Seixas Solomons.

Michael Hoberman
Jan. 30 2024 12:01AM

Ignoring the Supreme Court.

Maury Litwack and Michael A. Helfand
Aug. 25 2023 12:01AM

Deploying discrimination to prevent willing institutions from supporting the most vulnerable.

Aug. 2 2023 12:01AM

Jewish parents bring a lawsuit arguing for neutral treatment of sectarian education.

June 1 2023 12:01AM

Thomas Jefferson, Jamaica, California, and the citron-candy crazy.

Jonathan Sarna and Zev Eleff
Sept. 20 2021 12:01AM

A report from the frontlines.

Isaac de Castro
March 30 2021 12:01AM

A worldview that admires Pol Pot and ignores Martin Luther King unsurprisingly has no love for Jews.

Jan. 29 2021 12:01AM

Critical race theory at work.

Pamela Paresky and Joel Finkelstein
Jan. 21 2021 12:01AM

California embraces an engine of BDS.

Oct. 29 2020 12:01AM

Only about Jewish racial privilege.

Karmel Melamed
Sept. 21 2020 12:01AM

To the gurus of ethnic studies, Jews possess “racial privilege.”

Wall Street Journal
Sept. 2 2020 12:01AM

Praising BDS while ignoring prejudice against Jews.

Karin Klein
Aug. 15 2019 12:01AM

The Jewish community there is outraged.

Jackson Richman and Sean Savage
Aug. 6 2019 12:01AM