Excessive regulation, rising food prices, high taxes, and government waste threaten the stability of Israel’s economy. Yair Lapid, the outgoing Treasury Minister, rode into office. . .

Shoham Wexler
Dec. 30 2014 12:01AM

Despite its many successes, Israel has been hindered by a deep-seated belief that the state is responsible for managing the economy. Among intellectuals, academics, and. . .

Nov. 26 2014 12:01AM

In America, capitalism is the last ideology still standing, but many have forgotten the ties of religion and community without which prosperity is neither meaningful nor assured.   

Peter Augustine Lawler
July 22 2014 12:01AM

What if the “Arab Spring” was not a demand for democracy or Islam but instead for free enterprise?

Hernando de Soto
July 12 2013 12:00AM