The days of Sammy Davis, Jr. are gone.

Jan. 27 2023 12:01AM

The anti-Semitism of the beautiful.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali
June 1 2021 12:01AM

Seth Rogen’s Israel rant.

David Harsanyi
July 30 2020 12:01AM

Pride without meaning or responsibility is a hollow sort of cool.

Andrew Silow-Carroll
Nov. 24 2015 12:01AM

Matisyahu, Oprah, Bon Jovi, and the growing pushback.

New York Post
Aug. 25 2015 12:01AM

At age eighty, still wearing his "shul hat," the singer/songwriter has managed to manifest a moral strength rare among the butterflies of ephemeral fame.

Norman Lebrecht
Sept. 22 2014 12:01AM