Church of England

The archbishop of Canterbury gives a kosher stamp to Islamist anti-Semites.

Stephen Pollard
Sept. 26 2023 12:01AM

The laws paved the way for Jews’ expulsion from England.

Harriet Sherwood
May 11 2022 12:01AM

Apologizing for crimes against Jews committed eight centuries ago, while slandering the Jewish state.

Jan. 4 2022 12:01AM

Inconveniently, Christians are flourishing in the Holy Land.

Jake Wallis Simons
Dec. 21 2021 12:01AM

He understood that an education that excluded God was not satisfactory.

Dec. 2 2019 12:01AM

If God’s promise to give the land of Israel to the descendants of Jacob can be canceled, the salvation promised by Christianity “is nullified in. . .

Archbishop Cranmer
Nov. 6 2017 12:01AM

Next to North Korea, Israel is reported to be the country viewed least favorably in Britain. Alexander Joffe identifies four primary factors behind British hatred. . .

Alexander Joffe
Feb. 12 2015 12:01AM

Stephen Sizer, an Anglican minister, is the subject of an investigation by his ecclesiastical superiors for posting a link to an anti-Semitic conspiracy website on. . .

Betsy Childs
Feb. 6 2015 12:01AM

In a recent debate in the House of Lords, a retired clergyman suggested that verses from the Quran be read at the coronation of the. . .

Dec. 10 2014 12:01AM

With the launch of a new anti-Zionist propaganda network at a Christian festival in England, Anglicans are increasingly aligning with Israel’s—and the Church’s—bitterest foes.

Fran Waddams
Aug. 27 2013 12:00AM

A descendant of Jews, Justin Welby will soon visit Israel as Archbishop of Canterbury, heralding, perhaps, improved relations between the Anglican Church and the Jewish state.

Miriam Shaviv
June 19 2013 12:00AM