East Jerusalem

Carving up the city would constitute a disastrous retreat from basic Zionist verities and Jewish imperatives.

BESA Center
Jan. 29 2016 12:01AM

The current state of relations between the city’s Jewish and Arab residents.

May 19 2015 12:01AM

The human-rights activist Bassem Eid, who describes himself as “a proud Palestinian who grew up in a refugee camp,” argues that if Palestinians want to. . .

Bassem Eid
Feb. 16 2015 12:01AM

The left-wing organization Peace Now has manufactured a crisis out of a symbolic order, signed by the mayor of Jerusalem, authorizing continued construction of homes. . .

Elliot Abrams
Oct. 6 2014 12:01AM

Not Australia, which laudably has just dropped a misleading label for the eastern part of Israel’s capital—a part that never legally belonged to any Arab entity.   

Colin Rubenstein
June 12 2014 12:01AM

Under Nir Barkat, Jerusalem’s economy has grown apace and the city’s non-haredi population is holding its own. 

Tal Kra-Oz
July 9 2013 12:00AM