Gentile artists who portrayed different aspects of the Jewish people.

Oct. 5 2016 12:01AM

Short, bearded beings exiled from their homeland who have forever dreamed of returning.

Aug. 22 2016 12:01AM

The Israeli novelist S. Y. Agnon and J.R R. Tolkien, the English author of Lord of the Rings, do not appear to have much in. . .

Dec. 29 2014 12:01AM

The Obama administration’s eschewal of military intervention in favor of diplomacy has benefited Iran and Bashar al-Assad at the expense of Israel and the Syrian rebels.

Lee Smith
Dec. 27 2013 12:00AM

A new collection of Kafka short stories retold for children is scarier than any fairy tale—but only for parents.

Kelsey Osgood
June 21 2013 12:00AM