Friedrich Nietzsche

A Jewish philosopher stops by to talk about how Jews—and one major non-Jew—have thought about repentance.

Tikvah Podcast at Mosaic and Daniel Rynhold
Sept. 22 2023 12:01AM

Ivan Karamazov, Nietzsche’s Madman, and the lapsed atheist.

Carl Trueman
Aug. 1 2023 12:01AM

Rather than reject Nietzsche’s ideas, he seems to have incorporated them into his own.

Alex Ozar
Dec. 21 2021 12:01AM

Walter Kaufmann, who nonetheless chose Judaism.

Hugh Drochon
Nov. 10 2020 12:01AM

Is his unusual childhood the key?

Yoav Schaefer
Jan. 6 2020 12:01AM

A rationalist sermon delivered to a congregation of wavering souls.

John Gray
March 8 2018 12:01AM

Twilight of the anti-Semites.

Benjamin Silver
Jan. 18 2017 12:01AM

Or did he hate Judaism no more than he hated other religions?

Brian Leiter
Dec. 28 2015 12:01AM

For Levi, the core of Nazi barbarism was its reduction of unique human beings to anonymous things.

Edward Mendelson
Dec. 2 2015 12:01AM

Neither was a cynical atheist.

Daniel Rynhold
Oct. 21 2015 12:01AM

It’s produced a “generation of wingless chickens.”

Ralph C. Wood
June 23 2015 12:01AM

Does the Leopold and Loeb case say anything about Jewish identity?

April 20 2015 12:01AM

According to the late Leo Strauss, some of the West’s greatest devotees of philosophical truth and reason encoded their beliefs in hints, irony, and deliberate. . .

Francis Fukuyama
Feb. 9 2015 12:01AM

The term “new atheism” generally refers to the claims, made prominent by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and others, that religion is both objectively false and. . .

Peter Berger
Jan. 8 2015 12:01AM