Lessons from ceramic shards.

Yaakov Schwartz
Dec. 11 2023 12:01AM

Midrash as literary revolt against Hellenism.

Simon Goldhill
Oct. 30 2023 12:01AM

A rabbi’s provocative thesis.

Hayyim Angel
Nov. 26 2021 12:01AM

The menorah and a tale of two flames.

Nov. 22 2021 12:01AM

Some disjointed aphorisms may be a polemic against a popular philosophy.

Yaakov Jaffe
Jan. 16 2020 12:01AM

The Greeks, like their anti-Zionist heirs, sought to strike at the heart of Jewish difference.

William Kolbrener
Dec. 26 2019 12:01AM

Jews were neither xenophobes nor perpetual victims.

Erich Gruen
Sept. 17 2018 12:01AM

And may help clarify Jerusalem’s borders at the time.

Amanda Borschel-Dan
Aug. 9 2018 12:01AM

Including a romance about the biblical Joseph.

Malka Simkovich
May 16 2017 12:01AM

Along with a Byzantine church.

Ruth Shuster
Jan. 11 2016 12:01AM

It’s more than a family squabble.

Charles David Isbell
July 20 2015 12:01AM

Justice would come to the oppressive Greeks in the afterlife.

Candida Moss
March 26 2015 12:01AM

A rabbi’s provocative thesis.

Hayyim Angel
Dec. 17 2014 12:01AM

In Culture and Anarchy, the preeminent Victorian intellectual Matthew Arnold famously wrote of the contest between those human endeavors that are noble, ennobling, and beautiful. . .

Nov. 25 2014 12:01AM