Ilhan Omar

Compassion out of one side of her mouth, contempt out of the other.

Abe Greenwald
April 17 2019 12:01AM

Couching its rhetoric in slogans like “social justice,” “due process,” and “resistance.”

Andrew McCarthy
April 15 2019 12:01AM

The logic behind attacks on Chelsea Clinton, and on “white Jews.”

March 21 2019 12:01AM

Some embrace it sincerely, others with duplicity.

Sam Westrop
March 20 2019 12:01AM

If Jewish Democrats don’t get tough, they will soon find themselves unable to be tough about anything.

Michael Walzer
March 13 2019 12:01AM

An end to philo-Semitism?

Ross Douthat
March 12 2019 12:01AM

What does the Ilhan Omar fracas portend for the party’s future?

Matthew Continetti
March 11 2019 12:01AM

Her nativist and anti-Semitic rhetoric deserves sharper condemnation.

Eli Lake
March 7 2019 12:01AM

The enemies of the Jewish people ultimately wind up being enemies of freedom.

Erick Erickson
March 6 2019 12:01AM

Stop dialoguing and start winning.

Edward Luttwak
Feb. 28 2019 12:01AM

Apology unaccepted.

Abe Greenwald
Feb. 13 2019 12:01AM

No longer standing up for American Jewry, or Israel.

Isi Leibler
Feb. 12 2019 12:01AM