An attempt to stifle criticism of Islam’s worst representatives.

June 24 2024 12:01AM

Would it lead the State Department to censure those who condemn Hizballah or the Taliban?

Masih Alinejad
Jan. 27 2022 12:01AM

A Libyan immigrant with suspected terror ties kills three gay men? Nothing to see here.

June 24 2020 12:01AM

The fallacy of the reasonable centrist.

Dec. 11 2019 12:01AM

The dangers of faulty comparisons with anti-Semitism.

May 17 2019 12:01AM

Claiming objection to “Islamophobia,” when the real objection is to Zionism.

Mark Horowitz
May 7 2019 12:01AM

A historical and moral scandal.

Brendan O’Neill
June 8 2018 12:01AM

A civil-rights group or an arm of the Democratic party?

April 23 2018 12:01AM

“The transubstantiation of religion into race.”

Pascal Bruckner
Sept. 13 2017 12:01AM

The statistics on hate crimes tell a different story.

Vivian Bercovici
March 31 2017 12:01AM

And what the New York Times gets wrong.

Benjamin Haddad
Dec. 15 2016 12:01AM

A cudgel to silence open discussion.

Jeffrey Tayler
May 25 2016 12:01AM

Turning Islam into a new taboo.

Dec. 29 2015 12:01AM