Israel on campus

The Association for Asian-American Studies is happy to condemn Israel but won’t condemn quotas on Asian Americans.

Oct. 11 2018 12:01AM

Kenneth Marcus and campus anti-Zionism.

Noah Rothman
Sept. 14 2018 12:01AM

Dissenting from anti-Israel orthodoxy has social consequences.

Elliot Kaufman
Aug. 30 2018 12:01AM

Why is a left-wing Jewish group trying to get other Jewish organizations kicked off campus?

David Schraub
Aug. 6 2018 12:01AM

Claiming that Palestinians cannot feel included unless Israel is excluded.

Kenneth Waltzer
July 17 2018 12:01AM

A new book exposes BDS bullying.

June 19 2018 12:01AM

Beyond argument.

June 6 2018 12:01AM

The weak versus the Jew.

Elliot Kaufman
June 4 2018 12:01AM

It’s all right to say you’re against anti-Semitism, but unacceptable to act too vigorously against it.

Jan. 23 2018 12:01AM

A discussion or a how-to seminar?

Phyllis Chesler
Nov. 28 2017 12:01AM

A Hillel house banned not a critic of Israel, but the country’s deputy foreign minister.

Jonathan Tobin
Nov. 14 2017 12:01AM

Jasbir Puar’s Right to Maim.

Nov. 6 2017 12:01AM

The dangers of professors who profess “social justice.”

Leila Beckwith and Tammi Rossman-Benjamin
Nov. 2 2017 12:01AM

A case that deserves attention.

Oct. 3 2017 12:01AM