Israel & Zionism

The two giants of Jewish literature come together for a wide-ranging discussion centered around his new book on the seminal Hebrew writers of modernity.

Sept. 10 2020 12:35AM

How does Israel keep functioning despite constant political turmoil? Meet the opaque group of unelected bureaucrats that the country’s politicians rely on to save it from themselves.

Sept. 8 2020 12:01AM

When one Jewish summer camp “bombed” another with leaflets excoriating its lack of commitment to Hebrew and Zionism.

Sept. 1 2020 12:01AM

An interview with the senior adviser to the president on the thinking behind the deal, and America’s role in the Middle East.

Tikvah Podcast at Mosaic and Jared Kushner
Aug. 26 2020 12:10AM

An American-led alliance can be a strong deterrent to Iran and China.

Aug. 25 2020 12:01AM

It forestalls annexation and deals a blow to the longstanding Palestinian veto on Israel’s relationship with other countries. It promises even more, but that depends on hard work.

Aug. 21 2020 12:02AM

Arabs are finally concluding that they need to move past the toxic legacies of Arab nationalism and Islamism—which means moving past the mythology of Palestine too.

Aug. 21 2020 12:01AM

An American National Security Council veteran explains how the U.S. pressured Iran and built trust to broker last week’s accord, and the effects it will have throughout the region.

Aug. 20 2020 12:02AM

Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. joins us to share his vision for the region and the strategic insight that brought us to this moment.

Aug. 20 2020 12:01AM

The UAE is one of the youngest of the Arab states, and its distance from 1948, 1967 and the other Arab-Israeli wars of the past gives its leaders a freer mind to lead the way.

Aug. 19 2020 12:03AM

For a long time, Israel has been quietly making common cause with the victims of aggression in the Middle East. That’s now coming to light.

Aug. 19 2020 12:02AM

Peace? Normalization? Join us for a multipart symposium on the momentous agreement concluded last week between the United States, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates.

Aug. 19 2020 12:01AM

Is it possible to justify the existence of a Jewish state? So asked the late Ruth Gavison back in 2003, and her answer resounds as strongly now as it did then.

Aug. 18 2020 12:01AM

Even after a decade of electoral failure, the Labor party prefers to console itself with platitudes about the reasons why. It won’t be successful until it confronts the truth.

Aug. 12 2020 12:15AM