James Loeffler

An exchange between the foremost philanthropic supporter of secular Jewish culture and the analyst of its decline.

July 16 2014 9:20PM

Let me say it again: Jewish secular culture is too thin and open to support a real collective identity. So now what?

May 26 2014 8:04PM

James Loeffler’s essay, “The Death of Jewish Culture,” is a compelling tour de force, which is to say that it says something important and says it with style but also that, in the swoop and slash of its argument, it leaves out a fair amount.

May 21 2014 5:30PM

Despite reports to the contrary, American Jewish culture isn’t a “project” and it isn’t dead. Far from it.

Jonathan Rosen
May 14 2014 6:23PM

Programs of Jewish studies in colleges and universities have added greatly to the possibilities for Jewish self-understanding. But they offer no sure pathway to Jewish identity.

May 11 2014 12:00PM

Not so long ago, Jewish culture seemed to flourish in America; but now all signs point in the opposite direction. What happened?

May 4 2014 10:00PM