Jewish history

Decrees of Christian emperors and declining knowledge of Hebrew.

Tamar Marvin
Feb. 13 2024 12:01AM

The legend of the Kalonymos family.

Tamar Marvin
Feb. 8 2024 12:01AM

From Pliny and Josephus to Umberto Eco.

Daniel Stein-Kokin
Feb. 5 2024 12:01AM

Israel, Babylonia, and Italy.

Tamar Marvin
Feb. 1 2024 12:01AM

Who once was.

Giles MacDonogh
Jan. 10 2024 12:01AM

And the Dutch-Portuguese ex-converts who founded it.

Heidi Warncke
Jan. 9 2024 12:01AM

An unidentified text about the Yom Kippur service.

Nov. 30 2023 12:01AM

Petahiah of Regensburg at the tomb of Ezekiel.

Tamar Marvin
Nov. 28 2023 12:01AM

Benjamin of Tudela.

Tamar Marvin
Nov. 16 2023 12:01AM

Abraham Ibn Daud and his Book of the Tradition.

Tamar Marvin
Oct. 26 2023 12:01AM

Depictions of biblical scenes, to be carried by dancing children.

Korin Elbaz-Alush
Oct. 5 2023 12:01AM

The only Jewish silversmith in England.

Diane Bolz
Oct. 3 2023 12:01AM