Jewish marriage

“There is nothing that satisfies her more than that you will listen to her.”

Zvi Stampfer
June 1 2016 12:01AM

Should rabbis and priests remove themselves from the civil-marriage business in order to avoid state coercion or persecution? A roundtable discussion.

David Novak et al.
April 8 2014 12:01AM

A reply to my respondents.

Sam Schulman
Feb. 23 2014 8:00PM

Sam Schulman is wrong; same-sex marriage is simple, sacred, and very Jewish indeed

Feb. 19 2014 4:00PM

Or is it more similar to Christian marriage than Sam Schulman suggests?

Sherif Girgis
Feb. 16 2014 10:00PM

The greater threat to Jewish mores stems not from same-sex marriage but from heterosexual promiscuity.

Feb. 12 2014 10:00PM

The Reform and Conservative branches of the Jewish religious world have been eager to institute gay marriage. The only outlier is Orthodoxy. What's at stake?

Sam Schulman
Feb. 2 2014 11:00PM

Encouraging more Jews to marry Jews and more intermarried families to convert to Judaism.

Sept. 29 2013 10:18PM

Jewish life—and love—on campus

Benjamin Silver
Sept. 24 2013 10:22PM

How a confident Judaism can transform intermarriages into Jewish marriages

Harold Berman
Sept. 23 2013 10:22PM

A “Purple” Solution to Intermarriage

Sept. 15 2013 10:36PM

We must absolutely not turn our backs on intermarried Jews and their non-Jewish spouses. 

Eric H. Yoffie
Sept. 11 2013 10:41PM

The real fight facing American Jews is not against intermarriage but for marriage itself.

Sylvia Barack Fishman
Sept. 8 2013 10:52PM