Liberal Zionism

The don of liberal Zionism has come out against a two-state solution. His argument is delusional and messianic. But that’s not the real problem with it.

July 16 2020 12:36AM

Does Jewish morality require Israel to leave the West Bank?

Nov. 7 2019 12:01AM

Is Israel’s democracy less sacred than the moral comfort of American Jewish progressives?

Jan. 10 2019 12:01AM

Most Jewish liberals don’t hate Israel, but they don’t give a free pass to Israel’s defenders.

Jonathan Tobin
Sept. 6 2017 12:01AM

One theological, one liberal.

June 24 2016 12:01AM

A group of left-wing American intellectuals, styling themselves the “Third Narrative,” have called for a “personal” boycott aimed at Israeli politicians whom they strongly dislike,. . .

Ron Radosh and Sol Stern
Dec. 15 2014 12:01AM