The Dead Sea sect might not have been so unusual as once thought.

Lawrence Schiffman
Dec. 13 2019 12:01AM

An old-new rabbinic debate.

Sept. 12 2019 12:01AM

The desert fortress has become a powerful symbol of Jewish resistance. A new book examines the evidence to see how much of the story, including the famous mass suicide, is true.

Aug. 14 2019 12:01AM

Discovered thanks to 94-year-old aerial photographs.

Robin Ngo
Aug. 27 2018 12:01AM

Not just zealots.

Ilan Ben Zion
Sept. 13 2017 12:01AM

Gamla’s archaeological importance.

Danny Syon
June 5 2017 12:01AM

The original archaeologists deliberately left some work for future generations.

Ilan Ben Zion
Feb. 7 2017 12:01AM

As cupping helps a swimmer.

Megan Sauter
Aug. 19 2016 12:01AM

Native to the region.

Ilan Ben Zion
July 21 2016 12:01AM

An operatic experience like no other.

William Littler
June 24 2015 12:01AM

A once-abundant staple crop is being rescued from a 1,500 year extinction.

April Holloway
April 1 2015 12:01AM

In 73 C.E., Rome’s Tenth Legion laid siege to the last remaining Jewish redoubt at King Herod’s fortress-palace atop the Masada cliff. Exactly how did. . .

Robin Ngo
June 16 2014 12:01AM