Modern Hebrew

What Jews can learn from what the Wampanoag wanted to learn about them.

Jan. 27 2022 12:01AM

As tracked through the waxing and waning value of the Hebrew words for “departees” and “descenders.”

Jan. 6 2021 12:01AM

What separates language from language, and language from dialect.

Feb. 5 2020 12:01AM

A Russian Jew and an Indian Zoroastrian.

Sara Molaie
Sept. 20 2018 12:01AM

Eyshet Hayil vs. Vunder Voman.

Naomi Sokoloff
May 23 2018 12:01AM

“I em verry heppy to mit you end yourr femily in yourr hawm.”

Oct. 25 2017 12:01AM

Eliezer and Itamar Ben-Yehudah.

Lewis Glinert
Sept. 7 2017 12:01AM

In part, it borrowed extensively from the slangs and vernaculars of other languages. Consider the case of de la shmatte.

July 5 2017 12:01AM

Why the Hebrew word for “shaming” (as in “Facebook shaming”) should not be sheyming.

Aug. 10 2016 12:01AM

Yes, argued Hayyim N. Bialik, one of the great poets of the early 20th century. He wanted to “reprogram” Hebrew for mundane use by stripping. . .

March 3 2015 12:01AM

A new history of the creation of modern Hebrew ends with speculation about whether the Hebrew language could become the basis of an Israeli identity. . .

Dec. 8 2014 12:01AM

Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, who arrived in Palestine in 1881 and there almost single-handedly revived Hebrew as a spoken language, was born and spent much of his. . .

Cnaan Lipshiz
Oct. 13 2014 12:01AM

More than half of the words in modern Hebrew have roots in the Bible, and philologists continually craft new terms on their basis. So how. . .

Daniel Estrin
June 23 2014 12:01AM