Moshe Yaalon

He elevated country over personal and partisan interests.

Jonathan Tobin
March 30 2020 12:01AM

Bottom-up is better than top-down.

Moshe Yaalon
Dec. 15 2016 12:01AM

In Israel, a Jewish ethos helps the army stay moral—and maintain its fighting spirit.

Moshe Yaalon and Michael Walzer
Oct. 19 2016 12:01AM

The former Israeli defense minister on maintaining security amidst chaos.

Moshe Yaalon
Sept. 21 2016 12:01AM

Politics as usual.

Ruthie Blum
May 25 2016 12:01AM

In an interview with the Washington Post, Israel’s defense minister defends the Gaza war against its critics, argues that recent differences between Israel and the. . .

Moshe Yaalon
Oct. 28 2014 12:01AM