Why the biblical Deity isn’t like Zeus or Thor.

June 23 2021 12:01AM

“How God spoke is a mystery. That God spoke is of the utmost significance.”

Norman Lamm
June 1 2020 12:01AM

Academic Bible scholars should abandon their fixation on dating biblical texts.

Benjamin Sommer
Dec. 27 2019 12:01AM

Is there anything distinctively Jewish about the philosopher’s thinking?

Leora Batnitzky
Jan. 15 2018 12:01AM

Did ancient rabbis get their idea of divine law from the ancient Greeks?

Richard Hidary, Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi, Christine Hayes and Benjamin Sommer
April 7 2016 12:01AM

A participatory theory of revelation.

Benjamin Sommer
March 31 2016 12:01AM

For this 14th-century rabbi, the Torah’s laws were only quasi-divine.

David Frankel
March 11 2016 12:01AM

A common, but false, dichotomy.

May 27 2015 12:01AM

An interview with the author of Revelation and Authority: Sinai in Jewish Scripture and Tradition.

Benjamin Sommer
May 19 2015 12:01AM

Insofar as it upholds the belief in Torah as divine revelation, Orthodoxy is fundamentalist; this does not mean that it must therefore be unscholarly or obscurantist.

Jan. 22 2014 12:00AM

The incompatibility of reason and revelation may be a modern fetish; to the ancients, the medievals, and even the early moderns, there was such. . .

Peter E. Gordon
Nov. 18 2013 12:00AM

Did the New Testament book of Revelation begin life as an apocalyptic text that predated the rise of Christianity?

James Tabor
Oct. 31 2013 12:00AM

“There is nothing paradoxical about disbelieving the historical claim that the Torah was given to Moses from heaven . . . and believing it as a point of faith.”

Brian Klug
June 19 2013 12:00AM

"It is possible to relate to the Torah as a divine document without being bound to untenable notions regarding the nature of God and His. . .

Tamar Ross
June 13 2013 12:00AM