“We won! Am Yisrael ḥai!”

Shulamith Berger
Aug. 5 2022 12:01AM

An 11th-century talmudic encyclopedia.

Henry Abramson
March 27 2019 12:01AM

Most of it has not been found.

Michael Frank
Nov. 4 2015 12:01AM

The late chief rabbi of Rome was an example of what Jews and Christians can do together.

April 23 2015 12:01AM

In 1555, Pope Paul IV ordered Jews to be confined to separate, closed-off neighborhoods. Soon ghettos appeared in cities throughout Italy, including Rome, where Jews. . .

Micol Debash
Dec. 2 2014 12:01AM

Amid the joyous clamor of today’s ex-ghetto, the voices of its last inhabitants, hunted down by Nazi soldiers in October 1943, can still be heard.

David Laskin
July 16 2013 12:00AM