Ten Commandments

Tablets with curved tops? Rectangles? Two sides of the same stone?

Stephen G. Rosenberg
May 8 2015 12:01AM

It is not “exclusionary” to give the Ten Commandments a privileged position in American national life, whose institutions they have done so much to form.

March 24 2014 12:01AM

Featured in this week’s Torah portion is the Bible’s most famous teaching, which is less a founding legal code than an ethical paradigm for every. . .

Leon Kass
Jan. 17 2014 12:00AM

Beyond the distinctive insights offered by each respondent, the overall result is fascinating, not least because the four responses wind up unintentionally but profoundly disagreeing with one another.

June 26 2013 11:03PM

 Can we, just by reading, vicariously experience the awe of the children at the Mount? 

June 25 2013 11:59AM

From the Patriarchs and the Family to Sinai and the Nation. A video conversation with Leon R. Kass.

June 23 2013 10:30AM

The Orthodox Jew discovers a fascinating intellectual anomaly: a non-rabbinic Jew who approaches the Bible with deep reverence.

June 19 2013 3:40PM

A Christian perspective on the Ten Commandments.

Gilbert Meilaender
June 17 2013 12:00AM

Pride, Lust, Technology—and the Bible

June 12 2013 5:52PM

Rare is the scholar of politics or of law these days who would think to turn to the Ten Commandments to understand better the hard questions to which liberal democracy gives rise. But Leon Kass’s remarkable exploration of the Decalogue shows that these scholars have neglected a vital resource.

June 10 2013 12:47PM

Leon Kass endeavors to make the Decalogue both sensible and livable; on its own terms, it is stark and demanding in the highest degree.

Michael Fishbane
June 5 2013 11:15AM

Why the Decalogue Matters

June 1 2013 2:24PM