Forgotten soldiers and a forgotten war.

Nov. 13 2017 12:01AM

Is there a universal connection between war and flowers?

Feb. 28 2017 12:01AM

How the Hasmoneans changed halakhah.

Dec. 29 2016 12:01AM

Two flowers and an oleander.

May 5 2016 12:01AM

Mordecai the Machiavellian.

Feb. 23 2016 12:01AM

A group of historians recently visited Israel’s current prime minister with a commemorative volume of documents about his predecessor Menachem Begin. A conversation about the. . .

Nov. 25 2014 12:01AM

These days, the word is used almost exclusively to describe any action, defensive or responsive, by Israel. Can someone point me in the direction of a proportionate war?

Maureen Lipman
Sept. 15 2014 12:01AM

In his 1864 march through Georgia, the great general successfully broke the resistance of the Confederacy. Has the IDF been channeling his genius?

Victor Davis Hanson
Aug. 25 2014 12:01AM

By the UN’s own figures, the percentage of women and children killed in Gaza by Israeli airstrikes is far lower than the percentage killed by. . .

Aug. 22 2014 12:01AM

Opinion makers now claim that even if Israel meets its military objectives in Gaza, it will “lose long-term”; they’re entirely wrong.   

Victor Davis Hanson
Aug. 6 2014 12:01AM

A single conflict now stretches from Baghdad to Beirut. How many sides are there—and whose side is the U.S. on?

July 2 2014 5:22PM

For American Jewish soldiers in Europe, World War II “dog-tags” posed an extra source of peril. According to Jewish religious law, were they free to. . .

Akiva Males
April 9 2014 12:01AM

Even in times of relative quiet, one can never forget war in the “city of peace”; yet, as its inhabitants demonstrate, one can also be. . .

Elahzar Rao
Feb. 19 2014 12:01AM

“A great melancholy emerges from Joshua’s life story, a sadness that stays with him to the end of his days. Is it because his life. . .

Elie Wiesel
Aug. 13 2013 12:00AM