Yoav Sorek

They may not be celebrities or social-media influencers, but they are helping the Jewish people in profound ways.

Sept. 13 2021 12:01AM

Not everything depends on us Israelis; but much does.

March 23 2014 8:00PM

Have Israeli Jews really lost their self-confident, forward-looking spirit?

March 20 2014 12:05AM

Why do scenarios for a better Middle East—like Yoav Sorek's—tend to succumb to the utopian temptation?

Sol Stern
March 16 2014 8:00PM

The two-state solution won’t work, the one-state solution won’t work. Where does that leave us?

March 9 2014 8:00PM

How my countrymen gave up the hope for real peace, and how they can get it back.

March 2 2014 10:00PM