American Muslims

The melting pot still works.

March 31 2016 12:01AM

Some won’t even put Israel on the map.

Danielle Ziri
March 23 2016 12:01AM

Last month, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) included the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S-based lobbying organization, on a list of banned terrorist groups.. . .

Dec. 2 2014 12:01AM

A school district in Maryland recently decided to remove all references to religious holidays from its calendar, including those days on which there is no. . .

Nov. 14 2014 12:01AM

Major Muslim organizations, including CAIR and ISNA, have convinced Washington and the media that they represent mainstream American Islam. In fact, only about 10 percent. . .

M. Zuhdi Jasser
Oct. 1 2014 12:00AM