History & Ideas

The Jewish Legion was not just a military force but an instrument of Zionist diplomacy—a symbolic resurrection of the Jewish national spirit.

June 26 2017 12:01AM

The musician as historian.

Yehuda Bauer
June 21 2017 12:01AM

Some say its author was Meir Kahane, the founder of the Jewish Defense League. Is that right?

June 21 2017 12:01AM

Once one of the world’s largest and most important Jewish communities.

Aron Rodrigue
June 20 2017 12:01AM

Reading long after the ink has faded.

Amanda Borschel-Dan
June 19 2017 12:01AM

Some of them viewed things in a more inspiring light than that of political and material interests.

June 19 2017 12:01AM

A lesson for those who claim a distinction between “anti-Israel” and “anti-Jewish.”

Lucette Lagnado
June 15 2017 12:01AM

Out of the pages of history, the distinguished scholar and essayist Gertrude Himmelfarb offers intellectual, moral, and political aid for our time.

June 14 2017 12:01AM

The mystery of the Magdala stone.

Lawrence Schiffman
June 13 2017 12:01AM

And how it thereby helped to secure the legal foundations of the state of Israel.

June 12 2017 12:01AM

The real “Jew Süss.”

Jonathan Steinberg
June 8 2017 12:01AM

As do Jewish rebels’ arrowheads.

Sue Surkes
June 8 2017 12:01AM