December 6

When Confronting Terrorists, Lethal Force Is Often Necessary

Jerusalem Border Police did nothing wrong during the recent attack.

Withdrawing from the 2015 Nuclear Deal with Iran Was the Right Move—Even if the Ayatollahs Are Closer to the Bomb

The deal would at best have slowed them down, while giving them more money.

The Two Books of Maccabees Show a Familiar Israel-Diaspora Divergence

Where a Libyan Jew from the 2nd century BCE saw the hand of God, his counterparts in Judea saw human courage.

Jonathan Sacks’s Moderate Stance on Abortion

“A fetus might not be a person in Jewish law, but it is a potential person, and must therefore be protected.”

December 3

How Israel Can Readjust Its Diplomacy for a Changing Europe

Economic and technical innovation may be the key.

Hitler’s Plan to Exterminate Middle Eastern Jewry

Part of the history of World War II in North Africa.

Alexander Hamilton’s Anti-Semitic Enemies

And their ultimate failure.

How Many Colors Were in Joseph’s Coat? And Why Does It Matter?

Not a dream coat, but a tool of providence.

December 2

The Arab Anti-Iran Alliance Is Stronger Than It May Seem

Don’t make too much of Saudi overtures to the Islamic Republic.

Is Vladimir Putin’s Russia a Threat to Jews?

Putin has kept the beast of traditional Russian anti-Semitism chained in its lair—for now.

The Religious Foundations of Magna Carta’s Legacy of Liberty

“Freedom and liberty if not grounded in reverence and faith sooner or later will go badly.”