November 30

The End of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, and the Rise of the Arab-Israeli Coalition

The New Middle East is here, and it’s not what Shimon Peres expected.

Christian Anti-Semitism Is Still Here

“The Jews are guilty.”

November 29

Why an Arab Party Is the Real Winner of the Israeli Election

Mansour Abbas has revolutionized his community’s politics.

The Dangers of Dining with Anti-Semites

“You don’t need to be looking for anti-Semites under every bed. Then again, many are jumping up and down on the bed.”

The Medieval Rabbi Who Championed Literalism

How an illustrious family and interactions with Christians shaped the work of Samuel ben Meir.

How Therapy and “Self-Care” Usurped Religion

Narratives of personal liberation threaten to weaken our already frayed social bonds.

November 28

Terror Returns to Israel

A different kind of attack.

The Decline of Islamism, and the Rise of the Muslim-American Far Left and Far Right

“When it comes to Israel, everyone is still unhinged.”

Hitler’s Maestro and the Cellist of Auschwitz

A documentary about music under the Third Reich.