November 17

Fascists and Anti-Fascists Agree: Blame the Jews!

The new anti-Semitism, right and left.

The ACLU Has Given Up Defending Freedom of Religion

Religious liberty is perfectly fine so long as it doesn’t conflict with any other right or value.

The Ruined House: A Different Kind of Jewish Novel

An NYU professor channels the high priest.

November 16

Israeli Sovereignty in Jerusalem Is Necessary for Regional Stability—and Arab Rulers Know It

A regional perspective on this summer’s Temple Mount crisis.

IAEA Inspectors Can No Longer Verify that Iran is in Compliance with the 2015 Nuclear Deal

No violations, because inspectors weren’t allowed to inspect.

November 15

How Not to Combat Jihadism: Scenes from a French Courtroom

Abdelkader Merah’s war on Jews and fellow Muslims.