September 27

How the U.S. Can Get Smart about Promoting Democracy and Human Rights in the Middle East

Without trying to revolutionize society, pursue rights first, and democracy second.

At Risk of Arrest, Prominent Iraqis Call for Peace with Israel

“We can live under the repression of terrorism or we can die with courage.”

What “Hamlet” and Ecclesiastes Have in Common

Two princes from complicated families reflect on life’s futilities.

September 24

Would Israel Be Better Off Without U.S. Military Aid?

Partnership might be preferable to largesse.

A Political Prisoner’s Death Is a Grim Reminder of the Islamic Republic’s Brutality

Navid Afkari’s former cellmate was killed by those he accused of “medieval torture.”

September 23

What the American Withdrawal from Afghanistan Means for Hamas

The first Islamist group to congratulate the Taliban for its victory.

Congressional Progressives’ Push for Greater Israeli Civilian Casualties

If they were to succeed, the result would be increased Palestinian deaths as well.

How the U.S. and France Are Propping Up Hizballah’s Rule in Lebanon

The new government puts the country more firmly in Iran’s clutches.

Celebrating Sukkot 2,000 Years Ago

Hordes of Jewish pilgrims came to Jerusalem and experienced the Temple’s “wow effect.”