October 18

Jerusalem’s Economic Crisis, Its Arabs, and Its Future

Even a divided Jerusalem would remain a single city.

Punish Saudi Arabia, but Don’t Jettison the Alliance

Terrible friends, but worse enemies.

Can Israel Lead the World in Artificial Intelligence?

“Tackling unsexy problems with sexy technology.”

When Jews Became Hebrews and When Hebrews Became Jews

And the ephemerality of political correctness.

October 17

How Religious Faith—and Knowledge of Arabic—Can Help America’s Middle East Diplomacy

The danger of forgetting that man cannot live by bread alone.

Salman Rushdie, Philip Roth, and British Anti-Semitism

And British insistence that there is no such thing.

October 16

Hamas’s Deadly Escalation at the Gaza Border

The goal: to take a hostage and bargain for the end of the embargo.

How to Get a Better Deal from Iran

Europeans, Democrats, and pushback on the ground.