June 29

Against Iran, Israel Remains the Last Line of Defense

Failure could undermine the Abraham Accords.

The Partisan Divide over Israel Is Widening

Efforts to maintain the Democrats’ support aren’t working.

Israel Needs to Take a New Approach to Combatting Hamas

What a sole observation tower explains about the conflict.

The Long History of (Fictional) Jewish Magic

From medieval anti-Semitism to occult novels to a real-life Harry Potter character.

An Ancient Hasmonean Fortress in the Galilee

The mystery of Horvat Tefen.

June 28

The UK Should End Its Confused and Absurd Position on Jerusalem

It only recognizes Palestinian claims to Israel’s capital.

Iraqi Political Chaos Is a Boon for Iran

Meanwhile, a Shiite cleric who fought the U.S. is about to send his followers into the streets.

Ancient Rome’s Jewish Catacombs

Even older than their Christian counterparts.

June 27

The Demise of UNRWA Is Long Overdue

A corrupt organization that wastes money, helps terrorists, and prolongs the conflict.

Understanding the Perverse Appeal of the Anti-Israel Movement

“It has led some of the most decent, kind, and thoughtful people I know at Harvard to become propagators of anti-Semitism.”

The Dangers of Peace in Yemen

The only way to strike a better political deal with the Houthis would be to weaken them militarily.

A Century Ago, Ukraine Saw a New Kind of War on the Jews

Whole communities were wiped out in a matter of hours or days, making genocide seem possible.