February 26

The UN Human Rights Council Makes a Mockery of Human Rights

When selling bread and underwear becomes a crime.

Belgium Hosts Anti-Semitic Parades While Lecturing Israel

Moral preening and grotesque caricatures.

Why Jews Should Read the Bible as Theology

Deriving Jewish thought from Scripture.

Baron Rothschild’s Favorite Book about Solomon’s Temple

What a rare French volume says about the philanthropist’s interests.

February 25

Qatar’s Unreported Donations to American Universities May Feed Campus Anti-Zionism

New research details a correlation between Qatari money and BDS activity.

America’s Concessions to the Taliban and Pakistan Only Encourage Terrorism

Giving the Taliban an advantage and the Mumbai murderers a pass.

In Iran’s Elections, the People Reject Sham Democracy

Most Iranians voted by staying home.

Don’t Give Up on the Nuclear Family

David Brooks neglects marriage.

February 24

Next Week and the Future of Bipartisan Support for Israel

Thank you. You have a right to exist, too.

Israel’s Arrangement with Hamas Isn’t Working

The steady trickle of rockets and explosives plays against Israel’s strengths.

The Dangers of Saudi Arabia’s Newfound Friendship with China

Riyadh has defended Beijing’s persecution of Muslims, and doesn’t take seriously American concerns.