May 22

Can President Trump Break Free of Conventional Wisdom about the Peace Process?

In U.S. foreign policy, there is no fouler cesspool than this.

Despite Waiving Sanctions, the White House Is Holding the Mullahs’ Feet to the Fire

No more misguided efforts to strengthen a band of faux “moderates.”

Israel’s Expanding Relationship with Vietnam

The latest in Netanyahu’s pivot to Asia.

Sisters’ Boy

A story.

The “Irish Oskar Schindler”

Once portrayed on screen by Gregory Peck.

May 19

The U.S. Must Aid Persecuted Christians

Religious freedom must be a foreign-policy priority.

Why the Ten Commandments Matter

And the role of the family in Jewish life.

May 18

What President Trump Can Accomplish on His Trip to the Middle East

Strengthened alliances and a reform program for the Palestinian Authority.

Turkey’s Anti-Semitic, Anti-Democratic, Pro-Erdogan Hit Television Drama

Catholics and Freemasons join Jews as the villains.