January 23

In Dealing with Iran, the U.S. Must Make the Best of a Bad Deal

Contain Tehran from further destabilizing the region.

The Play “Oslo” Perpetuates the Great Fantasy of Diplomacy

Successful negotiations aren’t the same as peace.

Old-New Thoughts on the Meaning of Life

“When science finally peers over the crest of the mountain, it will find religion has been sitting there all along.”

January 20

Why and How the U.S. Should Move Its Embassy to Jerusalem

Doing so can send a welcome message to Arab allies.

President Obama’s Legacy on Religious Liberty

A freedom that could always be subjugated to a higher, more progressive ideal.

January 19

How Samantha Power and John Kerry Encouraged Palestinian Terror

Sending the message to the PA on incitement.

What Barack Obama Owes Vladimir Putin

The administration helped the Russians accomplish the very things it denounced.

Hizballah Goes on Trial in Peru

The most important terror case you’ve never heard of.

The Italian Schindler Who Conned the Germans into Letting 5,000 Jews Go Free

Giorgio Perlasca impersonated the Spanish ambassador.