March 27

As the Situation in Syria Changes, the Risks for Israel Increase

Things now under control could spin out of control.

Resume the Fight against the Terror Charities

The U.S. took an eight-year hiatus under the Obama administration.

Eastern Europe’s Great Karaite Thinker

An 18th-century rabbi and theologian from a forgotten Jewish sect.

March 24

Ending the Palestinian “Internationalization” Strategy

And moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

The West’s Crisis of Meaning in the Post-Religious Age

A maximum of choice and a minimum of meaning.

Looking for the Lost Archives of Hazor, Joshua’s Greatest Conquest

Cuneiform tablets could shed light on the biblical account of the Israelite arrival in Canaan.

March 23

The State Department’s Human-Rights Report Is an Anti-Israel Travesty

Gathering libels and inanities from every NGO that criticizes the Jewish state.

Why Israel Declared the PLO’s Treasury a Terrorist Organization

Punishing Abbas for rewarding terrorists.

Don’t Censor Holocaust Denial, But Don’t Allow It in the Classroom

The marketplace of ideas can only do so much.

Saving Conservative Judaism Means Keeping it Distinct from Reform

The case for anchoring the tent, not enlarging it until it collapses.