June 19

Using the Power of the Law to Fight Anti-Semitism

Some of the tools are already there. Congress can create the others.

The Global Implications of the War in Gaza

A Hamas victory will vindicate its gruesome tactics.

China Is Moving Closer to Hamas

While Taiwan moves closer to Israel.

June 18

Hamas Has Its Own Day-After Plan

A diplomatic offensive.

Anti-Israel Activism Starts in Elementary School

Anti-Zionism from the mouths of babes.

Josephus’ Judaism

A defender of the Jews when they were at their most unpopular.

How the Printing Press Changed the Role of the Cantor

When congregants started getting too loud.

June 17

The Decline of the Israel-Australia Alliance

After 74 years of bipartisan support.

A Nobel Prize-Winning German Author on the Turn against Jews and Democracy

Herta Müller on the madness that has gripped the West.