November 19

The Moral Conundrum of Jews Who Helped the Nazis, and How Israel Addressed It

When egocentric fantasy passes for higher morality.

November 18

The Successes of Israel’s Iron Dome, and Its Downsides

It keeps civilians safe, but allows leaders to dither.

Evidence of the Biblical Tabernacle at Shiloh

One horn of an altar, a goblet, and a ceramic pomegranate.

Over a Century after Its Founding, New York’s Show-Business Synagogue Remains Open

Where the Three Stooges, Sandy Koufax, and Ed Sullivan all prayed.

November 15

Iran Violated the Nuclear Deal in Several Ways, Some of Which Are Irreversible

Its current breakout time is no more than ten months.

On the Campus Left, There Is No Place for Jews Who Won’t Abjure Israel

Every progressive event is now an anti-Israel event.

The Sin of Sodom through Rabbinic Eyes

Where cruelty was encouraged and compassion punished.