February 24

In Today’s Middle East, Arabs Are No Longer Dominant

Aside from Israel, Iran and Turkey have proved most successful.

Hizballah’s Relations with Iran Are Under Increasing Strain

But this isn’t necessarily good news for Israel.

Australians Remember the Battle of Beersheba

A historic victory that led to the end of Ottoman rule over Palestine.

February 23

Israel Doesn’t Cause Anti-Semitism

The earl of Balfour wants bigots to dictate policy to the Jewish state.

Iran’s Ever-Louder Threats to Bahrain

A test for the Trump administration.

Sweden’s Anti-Semitism Problem

Its Jews live in fear.

February 22

Behold the New Middle East—Same as the Old Middle East

American policy should seek improvements, not solutions.

Hamas Declines to Make Gaza “the Singapore of the Middle East”

Israel made an offer only Hamas would refuse.