August 12

As Vladimir Putin Sidles Up to the Mullahs, the Threat to the U.S. and Israel Grows

Russia just helped Iran launch a surveillance satellite.

Learning from the Success of the Recent Fighting in Gaza

Israel’s triumph rested in not giving in to terrorists’ demands—and also on luck.

To White Supremacists, Jews Are Responsible for All Ills

How racism and anti-Semitism work together in the minds of the Charlottesville marchers.

Titus and the Gnat

A talmudic legend of a wicked emperor’s demise, set to verse.

An Exhibit on the Jewish Delicatessen Seeks to Avoid Kitsch and Nostalgia

There were an estimated 3,000 Jewish delis in New York City in the 1930s; now there are just a few dozen.

August 11

The New Iran Deal Will Reward Terrorism, Help Russia, and Get Nothing in Return

It could provide a way for the Kremlin to circumvent sanctions.

The United Nations and the Press Snap into Action to Condemn Israel

A lesson in the difference between deterrence and prevention.

Bermuda Gets Its First Full-Time Rabbi

But the island’s Jewish roots go back to the 17th century.

Uncovering a Roman Amphitheater at Armageddon

Used for troop training, marching, speeches and, fun.

August 10

The Arab Press Blames Iran Rather Than Israel for Gaza’s Woes

In the Persian Gulf, skepticism of the Palestinian narrative.

After Three Decades of Relative Security, Something Has Changed for Russian Jews

“From every perspective, it’s better for Jews not to be in Russia.”

Reconstructing the High Priest’s Palace

Two stories, seven mosaics, and eight mikvehs.