December 1

Hamas’s Hostage Diplomacy

“Remember the number one, one, one, one.”

Chuck Schumer Talked the Talk on Anti-Semitism, but Will He Walk the Walk?

He must now fight against the move to “condition” aid for Israel.

Around the World, Jews Are Showing New Enthusiasm for Religious Observance

“Several people said they’re lighting candles again to show the kids a positive aspect” of being Jewish.

November 30

For Israel’s Sake and Its Own, the U.S. Must Deter Iran

America has become the proxy for Tehran to retaliate against Israel.

How the UK’s Medical System Decided a Baby Didn’t Deserve Treatment

The false gods of the National Health Service.

The Story of a 1,500-Year-Old Egyptian-Jewish Papyrus

An unidentified text about the Yom Kippur service.

November 29

The Ugly Roots of Ireland’s Anti-Israel Policies

Irish Jews are commonly baited, harassed, and badgered.

Iran Created the Monster That Is Hamas

Tehran has been funding the terrorist group since its founding.

The First Amendment Doesn’t Allow the Harassment or Battery of Jews

Speech may be free, but harmful conduct isn’t.

Three Decades of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Repeal would make it harder for people of faith to run schools, open businesses, or lead charities.