June 22

Hamas’s Dangerous Escalation in Gaza

It wants a victory, but underestimates Israel’s willingness to use force.

Lebanon Is Protecting Hizballah’s Cocaine Trade in Latin America

The contradiction at the heart of U.S. policy.

Why Christians Are Reading the Work of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik

In today’s world, all men of faith are lonely.

June 21

America Is Right to Withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council

Equal rights can’t be built on unequal treatment of the Jewish state.

The SPLC Gets Its Comeuppance

Overfunded and underinformed.

Was Alexander Hamilton Jewish?

And did his upbringing affect his attitudes towards Jews and religious tolerance?

June 20

Standing with the North Korean People Will Advance America’s Interests

A lesson from the experience of Soviet dissidents.

Lessons for Syria from the Man Who Taught the Haganah

Orde Wingate’s counterinsurgency rules.

Bad Reasons for Publishing Céline’s Anti-Semitic Screeds

A great novelist, and Nazi sympathizer.