April 19

America’s Moral Cowardice at the UN

The new ambassador parrots Russian and Chinese propaganda.

The Legacy of Poland’s Post-War Holocaust Justice

Poles who saved Jews feared retribution, while those who turned them in were exonerated.

April 16

By Restoring Funding to UNRWA, the U.S. Is Ensuring That the Israel-Palestinian Conflict Continues

Legitimizing the view that the Jewish state is temporary and illegitimate.

Saying Farewell to Afghanistan

The war isn’t over.

In France, Jewish Blood Is Cheap

The madness here does not belong to Sarah Halimi’s killer. It belongs to France.

April 15

The War in Yemen Isn’t about Local Grievances, but Iran’s Bid for Regional Dominance

“The only path is the path to Jerusalem, the path of jihad against the Jews.”

Israel’s High-Tech Wall Protecting It from Terror Tunnels

The next innovation in military technology.

The Walls of Arab Holocaust Denial Are Finally Crumbling

A virtuous cycle of philo-Semitism.