August 22

How Mahmoud Abbas Emerged Victorious from the Temple Mount Crisis

Palestinians feel a sense of achievement.

The Fire That Erased Much of Salonica’s Jewish Character

Greek authorities prevented Jews from rebuilding.

Egypt Seizes a Collection of Odd Jewish Artifacts

Including “the commandments of Judas Iscariot” and a bad translation into Hebrew.

August 21

Hamas and Iran Make Amends

In the midst of Middle East chaos, Hamas backs the seemingly strong horse.

The Return to Judaism: Personal Perspective

Rationalism, theology, and Rolling Stone.

A New Exhibit Rescues America’s Religious History from Curatorial Oblivion

From Islamic manuscripts to Quaker bonnets to Torah scrolls.

How a Jewish Legion Came to Fight for the United Kingdom in World War I

Against the protestations of many Zionist and anti-Zionist Jewish leaders.

August 18

Diplomatic Engagement with Islamists (Almost) Never Works

A popular idea that’s failed many times.