October 22

The War in Yemen Will End When the Houthis Are Defeated

Their goal is to create an Iranian-style Islamic state in the Arabian Peninsula.

The Lone Wolf—and Other Myths about Terrorism That Won’t Go Away

Speaking frankly about the man who murdered a British parliamentarian.

Israel Should Be Wary of Its Right-Wing Anti-Zionists

The people throwing stones at Palestinians also hate the Jewish state and IDF.

Did Isaac Laugh as He Climbed Down from Abraham’s Altar?

Lessons on the akeidah from two brain surgeries.

October 21

A Bad Faith Attempt to Put Faith to Use in Defense of Liberal Democracy

Four professors commit the sin of which they accuse nationalists.

October 20

At America’s Best Universities, Biblical Religion Is a Curiosity, if Not a Menace

When an administrator at Columbia told Jewish students to violate Rosh Hashanah.

Vienna’s Most Controversial Statue Is of a Still-Beloved Mayor Who Wedded Anti-Semitism to Democratic Politics

Karl Lueger inspired Theodor Herzl and Adolf Hitler—in very different ways.