September 20

Benjamin Netanyahu Is a Successful Leader, Not a Magician

The explanation for his political longevity is straightforward.

When Iran Attacks in the “Gray Zone,” the U.S. Should Respond in Kind

Tehran has chosen a middle ground between war and peace.

Why Are the Left’s Favorite Muslims Anti-Semites?

The Women’s March does a revealing reshuffle.

September 19

The U.S. Shouldn’t Let Saudi Arabia Fight Its Own Wars

A Saudi counterattack on Iran could be more dangerous than an American one.

Despite a Divisive Election, Israelis Stand United

Even if their politicians don’t.

A Jewish Fantasy Writer’s Absent Zion

Guy Gavriel Kay created Devin Bar Garin, but couldn’t mention Ben-Gurion.

Teaching Judaism in Indonesia

Jews first came to the country with the merchants who brought Islam.

September 18

The U.S. Should Rally the World against Iran

Now isn’t the time to back down.

Younger Palestinians Are More Moderate Than Their Elders—With One Major Exception

Most don’t even support payments to imprisoned terrorists.

What Christians Can Learn from Jews about Helping Their Persecuted Coreligionists

Jews have made heroic efforts to help their own—and also to condemn violence against Christians.

Prayer and Voting in an Ultra-Orthodox Campaign Video

Vote Shas and get a good verdict from Heaven?