December 18

As Egyptian Officials Warm to Judaism, Popular Opinion Remains Hostile to Israel

Cairo allocates $70 million to restore Jewish sites.

How Bauhaus Came to Tel Aviv

And how Tel Aviv made the style its own.

Frank Sinatra’s Yarmulke

Auctioned for nearly $10,000.

December 17

Hamas’s Plan to Take Over the West Bank

With the help of Iran and a stamp of approval from the UN.

To Pressure Iran and Hizballah, the U.S. Should Pressure Lebanon

The argument for cutting off America’s support of Beirut.

Advice from the Talmud to Coddled American Minds

Dissenting ideas should be engaged, not demonized and dismissed.

How a Christian from New Orleans Became a Pro-Israel Activist

And thoughts on the growth of left-wing anti-Semitism.

December 14

For Israelis, Anti-Zionism Kills

What’s worse: to be denied membership in a country club or to be driven from your ancestral homeland?

Sweden’s Cycle of Anti-Semitism

Right, left, and Islamist.