October 4

Israel Is Courting Saudi Arabia by Confronting Iran

The probable messages behind Monday night’s airstrikes.

American Involvement Has Not Made the United Nations Any Better

The perils of engagement for engagement’s sake.

Ecclesiastes’ Theology of Distraction

Lessons from spiritual whiplash.

Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Philo-Semites

“The most glorious Nation that ever inhabited the earth.”

October 3

Syria’s Druze Uprising, and What It Means for the Region

After twelve years, the dam has broken.

Learning the Right Lessons from the Iraq War

“Contrary to popular imagination, this was no neoconservative cabal.”

A New Film Explores the American Sabbath

Judaism’s revolutionary contribution.

Silver Torah Finials, and the 18th-Century Artist Who Made Them

The only Jewish silversmith in England.

October 2

How the U.S. Is Financing Bashar al-Assad

Thank the United Nations.

Fighting among Palestinians in Lebanon May Benefit Hamas

As Fatah faces off with jihadists, Hamas becomes the powerbroker.