January 20

Like the Perpetrators of the 1994 Buenos Aires Bombing, Alberto Nisman’s Murderers Are Going Free

An Argentine lawyer investigated the crime and the coverup, and met his death.

How Lasers and Robotic Drones Will Change the Future of the Israeli Military

An interview with the IDF’s chief of planning.

Big Duck, Andrew Sullivan, and the Inescapable Need to Condemn the Jewish State

The problem isn’t Israel’s policies. The problem is Israel.

An Up-Close and Personal Look at Sabbatical Debt Relief

Shmitah is a way of acknowledging that the earth is the Lord’s.

January 19

The Dangers of China’s Ever-Closer Relationship with Iran

United in their opposition to the United States and to the rule of law.

How Turning a Blind Eye to Anti-Semitism Paved the Way for the Colleyville Attack

There have been too many Malik Akrams for him to be dismissed as just another “lone wolf.”

January 18

The Rise of the “Arab Spring Generation” Is Changing the Middle East—Perhaps for the Better

The Arab world is getting younger, better educated, and less anti-Israel.

Promoting Immigration Is a Central Tenet of Zionism

Olim bring skills and capital—and fulfill the Jewish state’s purpose.

Lessons in Passing on the Faith from a Study of Conservative Christian Parents

When it comes to religious parenting, be hands on.