February 22

Israel Should Try to Defang Hamas without Toppling It

Is there an alternative to either reoccupation or chaos?

How French Economic Protests Turned against Jews

Anti-Semitism in a yellow vest.

Responding to Crises of Faith in the Orthodox World

Reviving the lost art of Jewish apologetics.

After the Holocaust, the Creation of a Jewish State Was Anything but Guaranteed

The forgotten years before Israel’s independence.

February 21

Hizballah Is in Venezuela to Stay

The end of the Maduro regime might reduce Iranian influence, but won’t end it.

Reopen the Israeli Embassy in Cairo

An alliance can’t live on security cooperation alone.

Yes, Jews Believe in Heaven

American Karni.

The Mystery of Israel’s High Fertility Rates

An anomaly in the developed world.

February 20

Don’t Believe the Lies about Anti-Boycott Laws

They rest on rock-solid legal grounds.

Making Iron the Way Ancient Israelites Did

Scientists attempt to solve an archaeological mystery.