April 20

Israel’s Success Has Surprised Everyone

It is now the demographic and cultural center of Jewry.

When Britain’s Labor Party Loved Israel

A long and uneven descent into hatred.

Ending Western Indifference to Honor Killings

Not just another form of domestic violence.

April 19

After 70 Years, God May Have Solved Israel’s Theological Dilemma

Ben-Gurion, Thomas Jefferson, and declarations of independence.

Iran’s Blinding Hatred of Israel Lies at the Heart of Its Grand Strategy

To the benefit of neither Iranians nor Palestinians.

The Growing Danger of Islamic Fanaticism in India

And the Saudi, and Iranian, role.

April 18

Strikes on Syria Are a Good Start, but No Substitute for a Coherent Strategy

Abdication of U.S. leadership rarely works out well.

On Israel’s Memorial Day, Remember Yaakov Fadida

A fifteen-year-old who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

Amos Schocken and the Bigotry of Israel’s Left-Wing Ashkenazi Elite

Speaking haughtily about peace and human rights while disdaining Mizraḥim.

The Case for Working with the Austrian Far Right

Political parties don’t have DNA.