October 22

Israel Stands to Gain Little from Talks with Lebanon

They only give credence to a Hizballah-controlled government.

Can Israel Make Peace with Qatar?

A problematic partner—that exports anti-Western and anti-Semitic propaganda—already cooperates with both Jerusalem and Washington.

October 21

Afraid to Make New Enemies, Iran Wants to Stay Out of the Caucasus Conflict

Turkey and a restive minority further complicate an already complicated situation.

How the American Jewish Committee Created One of the Country’s Most Important Magazines

Dedicated to the proposition that America and Israel are forces for good in the world.

Viennese Philosophy in the Shadow of Nazism

How anti-Semites pitted Wittgenstein’s “Jewish mathematicality” against the thought of Heidegger.

October 20

How Israel Helped Win the Cold War

Worth more than “five CIAs.”

The “New York Times” Gives Anti-Semitism a Pass, Again

While the author of a puff piece on Louis Farrakhan attacks her Jewish critics for their privilege.