September 24

For a Growing Number of Arabs, Iran—Not Israel—Is the True Threat

One family, twice made refugees by the mullahs’ depredations.

A California University Celebrates a Terrorist for Her Violent Career

Even Facebook and YouTube don’t want to take part.

An Epic Novel-Turned-Celebrated-Play Puts a Jewish Face on the Supposed Evils of Capitalism

The Lehman Trilogy repackages old anti-Semitism for a new audience.

What a Summer of Visiting Prisons Taught a Rabbi about Family and Community

Primed for criminality during their childhoods.

September 23

Israel Keeps Saving the World from Nuclear Threats

Audacious, risky, dangerous—and effective.

The Dark Side of Holocaust Education

Why should educating children about “hate” provide an antidote to anti-Semitism?

Hizballah Is Moving Its Drug and Money-Laundering Operation to Paraguay

Helping Latin American cartels to smuggle “black cocaine.”

High Holiday Prayers Set to Music—Persian Style

Accompanied by a master player of the santur.

September 22

Russia Extends Its Influence into Lebanon

Putin wants to be the Middle East’s indispensable intermediary.

A Rediscovered Prayer by a Medieval Rabbinic Giant

Naḥmanides and the Catalonian liturgy.