April 24

The Military Perils of Ceding Israeli Control of the West Bank

Changes in the nature of war only make retreat more dangerous.

Why Post-Catholic France Mourned for Notre Dame

For nonbelievers, objects and traditions bound up with religious belief are a substitute for belief itself.

What Jews Can Teach American Conservatives

The social covenant vs. the social contract.

April 23

Drafting the Ultra-Orthodox: The Debate Returns

The vacation-service proposal.

Honoring Israel-Hatred at New York University

Hiding behind insincere claims about free speech.

The Chinese City Founded by Russian Jews

And the disturbing efforts to preserve Harbin’s “Jewish heritage.”

What Exactly Is the Freedom Celebrated on Passover?

Freedom to enter into the covenant.

April 22

At the UN, Nikki Haley Told the Truth about Israel—and the World Didn’t Burn Down

Refusing to abide by the fictions the UN holds sacred.

The City University of New York Shouldn’t Honor Al Sharpton

He’s never apologized for his actions during the Crown Heights riots.

The Harassment of Jews Is Not a Consequence of Israel Apartheid Week. It’s the Goal

Colleges shouldn’t tolerate, much less fund, such behavior.