January 21

Egypt Attempts to Restore a Historic Synagogue in order to Provide Cover for Many Sins

Four-million dollars is a small price to pay for ethnic cleansing.

Hatred of Jews, Not Zoning Disputes, Causes Anti-Semitic Violence

Waving away the mountain to focus on the pebble.

January 20

Europe Dithers While Iran Enriches

Will Germany and France stand up to the ayatollahs’ blackmail?

Israel’s Abandoned Railroads

Ghost tracks of the Holy Land.

January 17

Distrust of the Supreme Court Led Likud Voters to Rally around Netanyahu

Israelis against judicial imperialism want a prime minister, even one under corruption charges, seeking legal reform.

Hatred of Israel Comes to the Classroom

And not just at Fieldston.

Altar Horns, Ceramic Pomegranates, and Other Evidence of the Ancient Jewish Sanctuary at Shiloh

The home of the Ark of the Covenant before the First Temple was built.