August 17

Israel’s Nation-State Law and the Hysteria of the Western Media

What’s undemocratic? Anything we don’t like!

Expect the Good News about Israel’s Economy to Keep Coming

From better-than-ever credit ratings to artificial intelligence.

August 16

The U.S. Must Maintain the Kurdish Enclave in Eastern Syria

It’s in Washington’s interest as well as Jerusalem’s.

The Book of Job’s Philosophical Poetry

And what it’s like to translate it into English.

A Hero’s Recollection of the Bialystok Ghetto Uprising

The plan was to surprise the Germans. But they were prepared.

August 15

No, Israel Hasn’t Used Disproportionate Force against Hamas

In fact, it even minimized military casualties.

The U.S. May Be Poised to Give Iran the Missing Link in Its “Land Bridge”

Is America playing the role of Assad’s air force?

A Quarter-Century of Good Relations between Vietnam and Israel Have Benefitted Both Countries

They also provide Jerusalem with a link to the Muslim world.