May 20

Israel Must Choose the Right Friends in Asia

India, Japan, and South Korea are better partners than China.

Elections in Lebanon Won’t Shake Hizballah’s Hold on the Country

The Iran-backed terrorist group is disappointed with the results, but will carry on nonetheless.

How Western Governments Tried to Nip Israel in the Bud

“Exposing the big lie that Israel was created as a Western colonialist outpost.”

An Attempt to Demonstrate American Literary Racism Slights the Jews

Bad math, the digital humanities, and woke question-begging.

What Jews Can Learn from John Locke

Religious toleration and its limits.

May 19

Iran Appears Poised for a Surprise Nuclear Breakout

The Islamic Republic seems in no hurry to complete a nuclear deal.

Preventing Jihadist Insurgencies from Gaining Ground

“Historians will view this period as a relative calm before a storm.”

The Fate of Russia’s Jews

“It is so fragile, literally crumbling apart.”

The Complicated Legacy of Eva Frank, Perhaps the Only Jewish, Female Messianic Figure

Jacob Frank and his daughter Eva claimed the mantle of Shabbetai Tzvi.

May 18

When Palestinians Look to the Future, What Do They See?

Palestinian pessimism might help explain the recent uptick in terror attacks.

California Parents Sue over Anti-Semitic Materials in Public Schools

Protesting a required high-school course in “ethnic studies.”

Sanctions against Russia Embolden BDS Proponents

The difference between “BDS Russia” and “BDS Israel.”

Restoring the Centuries-Old Jewish Community of Greece

Nearly 80 years after the Holocaust, an attempt at revival.