February 24

Reclaiming Secular Zionism’s Religiosity

David Ben-Gurion desired the “redemption of the Jewish people.”

Turkey’s Emerging Friendship with Pakistan

And the Chinese connection.

A Television Drama Libels Hasidic Jews as Benighted Bigots

While a comedy does the same to Israel.

February 23

Egypt and Israel Send a Message to Turkey, and to the U.S.

An official visit was about more than gas pipelines.

How Conservative Judaism Got Everything Right but Religion

Consecrated by history, but not sanctified by God.

February 22

How Close Is Iran to Getting Nuclear Weapons?

So close that renewal of the 2015 agreement would be dangerous.

North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor Appears to Have an Anti-Semitism Problem

He seems unwilling to back down from disturbing comments about Jews, blacks, and Hollywood.