January 27

The Palestinian Election Sham Returns

Mahmoud Abbas is unlikely to follow through on his promises.

The War in Bosnia and the Making of Iran’s Friendship with al-Qaeda

How a shared commitment to terror overcame sectarian differences.

January 26

The Case against Returning to the Iran Deal

In return for merely postponing its nuclear program, the agreement rewarded Iran extravagantly.

In Attending to Its Oldest and Youngest Members, Israel Chooses Life

A country that expresses reverence for those who come before will seek its own perpetuation.

A Former Soviet Dissident Observes a Current Russian One

Alexei Navalny doesn’t seek to avoid prison, but to defeat Putin.

What Yiddish Letter-Writing Guides Reveal about Jews’ Journey into Modernity

“You have robbed yourself of time and us—our health!”

An Ancient Mosque in Northern Israel May Be the Oldest Unearthed Anywhere

Built near a church, and perhaps a synagogue as well.

January 25

Joe Biden Can’t Overturn His Predecessor’s Middle East Policy—Even If He Wants To

The region has changed, and American influence is waning.

The Rising Tide of Islamist Violence in France, and the Anti-Semitism at Its Core

“You are two of the things I hate most: French and Jewish.”

Qatar’s Reconciliation with Its Neighbors Might Not Last

So long as Qatari support for radical Islam continues, the underlying problem remains unsolved.