May 24

Only Hamas’s Defeat Can Pave the Path to Peace

Jihadists’ strengths lie not in their ideas, but in their ability to act on them.

Ancient Near Eastern Pagans May Have Practiced Child Sacrifice

Passing sons and daughters before Moloch.

May 23

Spain’s Anti-Israel Agenda

Everybody expected this Spanish inquisition.

The Viciousness of the Left’s Turn against Israel

You’re an anti-Zionist and not an anti-Semite? Mazel tov! Your opinions are atrocious nonetheless.

Israeli Art in the Wake of the Black Shabbat

From the Ashes, a Fire Shall Be Woken.

The Rise of Denominational Judaism in America

Pragmatism, egalitarianism, and Orthodox congregationalism.

The Code of Jewish Law Celebrates a Milestone

The Shulhan Arukh, 450 years later.

May 22

Planning for the Day after the War in the Gaza Strip

Ten Commandments for preventing the return of terror.

The Strange History of Meir the Miracle Maker

Scholar, wonderworker, finder of lost objects, and comic-book hero.