April 3

Israel Has Dodged a Constitutional Crisis, but Only Temporarily

A showdown between the judicial and legislative branches may be inevitable.

How 1979 Set Back the Islamic World

A new book dispels the myth that the U.S. and Israel bear responsibility for Middle Eastern disfunction.

The Dark Money Behind Anti-Israel Activism on College Campuses

The Department of Education has finally started to enforce the law.

The Plagues of Frogs and Darkness Were an Assault on Ancient Egyptian Theology

Showing the Israelite God’s masterful transvaluation of the Egyptian pantheon.

A Great Jewish Historian’s Political Journey from Left to Right

What Lucy Dawidowicz learned about the breakdown of social order and its effects on the Jews.

April 2

Neither Poverty Nor Disease Will Deter Hamas from Waging Jihad on Israel

The message behind last week’s rocket attack.

Israel’s Secret, and Not-So-Secret, Friends in the Arab World

Ties go back much further than most assume.

The Zionist Doctor Who Discovered Vaccines to Two Terrible Illnesses

Waldemar Haffkine’s battle with cholera, plague, and anti-Semitism.

The Babylonian Exile Might Not Have Been So Bad, After All

But the exiles still had reason to weep.

April 1

Most Palestinians Want to Cooperate with Israel to Fight the Coronavirus

But many believe conspiracy theories about its origins.

The Fate of al-Qaeda’s Syrian Offshoot, and the Threat It Could Pose to Israel

Syrian civil-war “alumni” could become a new generation of terrorists.

What Were the Israelites Building in Egypt?

Storehouses for the wealth of priests.