January 23

Senate Democrats Go Soft on Anti-Semitism

It’s all right to say you’re against anti-Semitism, but unacceptable to act too vigorously against it.

Isaac Babel: Anthropologist of the Human Soul and of Human Cruelty

“Can it be that ours is the century in which the Jews perish?”

Maimonides and the Jews of Yemen

A false messiah and an enduring legacy.

January 22

Why Cutting U.S. Funding for Palestinian “Refugees” Is the Right Move

UNRWA’s core mission is to perpetuate the problem it is supposed to be solving.

Harvard Hires an Anti-Semitic Apologist for the Islamic Republic

He even sees Star Wars as nefarious Jewish propaganda.

A Mysterious Dead Sea Scroll Turns Out to Be a 364-Day Calendar

A sectarian calendar that synchronizes with the days of the week.

January 19

Israel’s Economy Thrives While the Middle East Disintegrates

From the Arab embargo to BDS, the Jewish state has won the economic war.

Can the U.S. Still Help Iran’s Anti-Government Movement?

Reversing eight years of appeasement.

All Too Slowly, Germany Is Waking Up to Contemporary Anti-Semitism

Fire-bombing a synagogue isn’t “criticism of Israel.”