November 27

On Thanksgiving, Remember the Exodus from Egypt

It’s what the Puritans did.

The Tish and the Thanksgiving Table

The most sacralized feast in the history of Judaism.

A Jewish Prayer for Thanksgiving

“We pray sincerely for America and the ideals of democracy and freedom that are here enshrined.”

November 25

How Israel and Its Allies Could Have a Positive Influence on the Biden Administration’s Iran Policy

Washington shouldn’t make concessions without asking for something in return.

Mike Pompeo’s Historic Visit to Israel Recognizes Realities, and Jewish Rights

A not-unprecedented trip to the Golan and a stop at a legal settlement.

Anti-Semitism Has No Place at the Pentagon

With Douglas Macgregor, Republicans have their own Ilhan Omar.

How the Mossad Saved a Biblical Deer Species from Iran

Snuck out just before the revolution.

November 24

A Jewish Poet’s Post-Holocaust German

The language of Paul Celan.