March 30

How Jewish Democracy Endures

Reflections on Israel’s political crisis.

America Signals Weakness in Syria

Recent Iranian attacks show the failure of deterrence.

Gertrude Himmelfarb and the Connection between Religion and Liberty

A model of moral replenishment for our own times.

The Biden Administration Is Abandoning Religious College Students

Faith-based student groups will no longer be protected from accusations of discrimination.

An Ancient Fishhook Found on Israel’s Coast

Catching tuna, . . . or sharks.

March 29

Saudi Diplomacy Won’t Bring Peace to Yemen

Despite negotiations, Iranian proxies fight on.

Concerns about Fraud in the Use of School-Choice Funds Are Misplaced

Families tend to use Education Savings Accounts creatively, but responsibly.

Censoring Jerusalem at American Seders

Next year in Charleston!

March 28

Fourteen Years after Reneging on an Agreement, the U.S. Condemns Israel for Violating It

The Biden administration’s hypocrisy over the Bush-Sharon letters.

The Middle East Studies Association Reaps the Fruit of Its Own Politicization

Boycotts of Israel might explain falling membership.

How Bad Arguments Undercut Georgia Legislation against Anti-Semitism

Despite suggestions to the contrary, amending existing hate-crime laws doesn’t threaten free speech.

A Psalm from an Elizabethan Poet

“How long, O Lord, shall I forgotten be?”