Joseph Biden

The U.S. appears less capable than Thailand.

Nachama Soloveichik
April 10 2024 12:01AM

The president’s call for an immediate ceasefire is a call for appeasement.

Matthew Continetti
April 8 2024 12:01AM

How the president’s statements sound to ears in Rafah and Ramallah.

March 19 2024 12:01AM

Bad politics and UN resolutions.

Noah Rothman
Feb. 22 2024 12:01AM

A small group of representatives are holding up aid to Israel and Ukraine.

Matthew Continetti
Feb. 19 2024 12:01AM

Now is not the time to pressure Jerusalem to lay down its arms.

Philip Klein
Feb. 14 2024 12:01AM

And won’t satisfy enemies of the Jewish state.

Liat Collins
Feb. 13 2024 12:01AM

Why the most recent retaliation wasn’t enough.

Feb. 5 2024 12:01AM

Now three soldiers are dead.

Jan. 30 2024 12:01AM

Civil servants need to remember their place in the American system of government.

Nov. 21 2023 12:01AM

Funding both sides of the Israel-Hamas war.

Nov. 16 2023 12:01AM

A ceasefire would be a dangerous error.

Matthew Continetti
Nov. 3 2023 12:01AM