Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, who served as the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Palestine, is generally regarded as the intellectual progenitor of religious Zionism. Born. . .

Samuel Thrope
Oct. 15 2014 12:01AM

Did the New Testament book of Revelation begin life as an apocalyptic text that predated the rise of Christianity?

James Tabor
Oct. 31 2013 12:00AM

As the festival on which both temples were dedicated, Sukkot is associated in both prophetic and rabbinic literature with the messianic era—and historically with several. . .

Malka Simkovitch
Sept. 17 2013 12:00AM

Was the example of a failed Jewish messiah the inspiration for John Milton’s brief epic poem, Paradise Regained, published in 1671?

Jeffrey Shoulson
Aug. 2 2013 12:00AM

If religious Zionism is to reclaim its place in Israeli society, it must embrace a Judaism that stands on ideas and values, not on divine authority. 

Donniel Hartman
June 21 2013 12:00AM

Marxism, third-worldism, and environmentalism are all left-wing substitutes for Original Sin, argues the French philosopher Pascal Bruckner, and no less threatening.

Emily Eakin
June 20 2013 12:00AM