Ze'ev Maghen

Ze’ev Maghen is chair of the department of Arab and Islamic studies at Bar-Ilan University. His latest book is Reading the Ayatollahs: The Worldview of Iran’s Religio-Political Elite. He is also the author of John Lennon and the Jews: A Philosophical Rampage.

A Solution to Israel's Woes? A Judaism of Yes

Judaism has many “thou shalt nots.” It also has many positive elements, and emphasizing those could bring a nation divided by religious observance back together.

Aug. 9 2023 12:01AM

Michael Doran and Ze'ev Maghen Think about Iran and its Revolutionary Regime

With a new nuclear deal looming, two experts met to discuss what it means, and to think more broadly about the nature of Iran’s radical leadership.

April 8 2022 12:02AM

How Iran Thinks

With a new nuclear deal on the way, attention is again turning to Iran. Four recent books, plus the deal itself, suggest that America and Europe are blind to the regime’s motivating spirit.

March 7 2022 12:22AM