In 1942, Allied forces invading Algeria, then under the control of Vichy France, cooperated with a group of mostly Jewish local resistance fighters. The story. . .

Eliezer Hayon
Feb. 5 2015 12:01AM

Born in Algeria to Moroccan Jewish parents, Erez Biton came to Israel as a child, grew up in the town of Lod near Israel’s main. . .

Mitch Ginsburg
Dec. 11 2014 12:01AM

To Hamas, Israel is a colonial regime that will withdraw in the face of sufficient pain. But Israelis are a people living in their own. . .

July 21 2014 12:01AM

Morocco has become the latest American ally in the Middle East to be jettisoned by the White House in favor of a hostile regional rival.

Dov S. Zakheim
Nov. 14 2013 12:00AM

Survivors of the Holocaust in Europe waited two decades before their stories could be heard in Israel. Holocaust survivors from North Africa have been waiting much longer.

Eli Hazan
Nov. 5 2013 12:00AM

In his 1958 Algerian Chronicles, now translated into English, Albert Camus foresaw the limits of anti-colonialism and the danger of a new Islamic imperialism.

Paul Berman
Aug. 14 2013 12:00AM