Debates over counting women in a minyan are about more than fairness.

Sept. 14 2017 12:01AM

Even as we live in an increasingly gender-neutral society, fundamental differences persist; Judaism neglects them at its peril.

Joshua Strulowitz
April 1 2014 12:01AM

The “Sharansky” plan for a non-Orthodox worship section at the Western Wall deserves the support of both Israelis and Diaspora Jews.

March 3 2014 12:01AM

“Focusing on egalitarianism was a distraction from the real problem: that Conservative Jews were not committed to halakhah and Jewish learning.”

Nov. 6 2013 12:00AM

Unique among early Iron Age civilizations, the ancient Israelites left behind very few tombs. Does this reflect a gap in the archeological record, or the. . .

July 15 2013 12:00AM

Why it would be wrong to abandon Natan Sharansky's ambitious compromise proposal for the most sacred site in the Jewish world.

Arnold Eisen
July 8 2013 12:00AM

The Palestinian Authority vehemently opposes Israel’s opening a new “egalitarian” prayer space; no less vehemently, many American Jews support it. For the latter, this could. . .

June 17 2013 12:00AM