Palestinian economy

An incentive to commit acts of terrorism.

Hillel Frisch
March 16 2017 12:01AM

Israel made an offer only Hamas would refuse.

Bassam Tawil
Feb. 22 2017 12:01AM

Avigdor Lieberman’s carrot and stick.

David Makovsky
Aug. 22 2016 12:01AM

Rejecting the “theology of victimization.”

June 17 2016 12:01AM

Not without major reforms on the part of the PA.

Neri Zilber
March 7 2016 12:01AM

It may be going the way of Syria and Libya.

Alex Fishman
Feb. 26 2016 12:01AM

When providing water is a crime.

Feb. 2 2016 12:01AM

It’s not a social-welfare organization.

Hillel Frisch
Dec. 18 2015 12:01AM

Why Abbas is going after Salam Fayyad.

Khaled Abu Toameh
July 1 2015 12:01AM

The quest for a peace agreement has stalled material improvement.

May 27 2015 12:01AM

Abbas’s inner circle is shrinking. Why?

Grant Rumley and Jonathan Schanzer
April 7 2015 12:01AM

Decades of negotiations have achieved little in terms of peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and territorial compromise seems increasingly dangerous. Could improved economic ties. . .

Clifford May
Nov. 7 2014 12:01AM

Why should Gazan poverty be an Israeli or American obligation? It was caused by Palestinian government policy, and it can be cured the same way.

Shoshana Bryen
Aug. 13 2014 12:01AM