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What Happened at Lydda

In his celebrated new book, Ari Shavit claims that “Zionism” committed a massacre in July 1948. Can the claim withstand scrutiny?

What Happened at Lydda

Perhaps no book by an Israeli has ever been promoted as massively in America as My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel, by the Ha’aretz columnist Ari Shavit. But how accurate is it? Read More…


  1. Distortion and Defamation by Martin Kramer
    The treatment of Lydda by Ari Shavit and my respondent Benny Morris has consequences even they didn’t intend.

  2. Zionism's Black Boxes by Benny Morris
    Martin Kramer shows how Ari Shavit manipulates and distorts history; but Kramer has an agenda of his own.

  3. The Uses of Lydda by Efraim Karsh
    How a confusing urban battle between two sides was transformed into a one-sided massacre of helpless victims.

Mizrahi Nation

Long shut out of the country’s story, Middle Eastern Jews now make up half of Israel’s population, influencing its culture and its life in surprising new ways. Who are they?

Mizrahi Nation

The story of Israel, as most people know it, is well trod—perhaps even tiresome by now. It begins with anti-Semitism in Europe and passes through Theodor Herzl, the Zionist pioneers, the kibbutz, socialism, the Holocaust, and the 1948 War of Independence... Read More…

The Death of Jewish Culture

Not so long ago, Jewish culture seemed to flourish in America; but now all signs point in the opposite direction. What happened?

The Death of Jewish Culture

Fifteen years ago this spring, I walked through the doors of a gleaming new postmodern sanctuary on New York’s Upper West Side. Known as Makor, this nightclub-cum-gallery billed itself as a secular Jewish arts-and-culture mecca for New York’s young hipsters... Read More…

Editors' Picks

The Terrorist Propaganda Machine

Hamas employs sophisticated psychological warfare to deceive, divide, and demoralize the Israeli public. It, too, can be defeated. 

Bearing the Battle

In Ukraine as in the Holy Land, civilization sits precariously on a field sodden in blood. Israel understands this. Does the White House? 

Investigate This

Memo to the UN Human Rights Council: yes, civilian deaths in Gaza amount to war crimes—planned and executed not by Israel but by Hamas against its own people. 

From Heidegger to Gaza

In some academic precincts, anti-Zionism is no longer simply political but the expression of a “philosophical” system purporting to explain any and all conflict. 

The Italian Exception

French Jews are under attack in today’s Europe. In Italy, however, their co-religionists are flourishing—thanks, in part, to a tradition of self-reliance. 

Thursday, July 24

Hollow Success

The rocket that fell near Ben-Gurion airport, disrupting air travel, threw Israel off-kilter; it could also spell Hamas’s doom.  

Did Birthright Kill Max?

To an American journalist, a young American-born Israeli soldier killed in Gaza must have been brainwashed by his guided trip to Israel. The deficiency lies rather in her.

Hamas’s Foreign Enablers

The fighting in Gaza is best understood not as a local conflict but as the war against Israel of an entire alliance led by Qatar and Turkey.   

Against the “Science of Judaism”

Ever since the late 19th century, Orthodox rabbis and scholars have striven to devise alternatives to the secular study of Judaism; some have succeeded. 

Preserving Judeo-Spanish

Also known as Ladino, the language of Sephardi Jewry boasts poetic and musical treasures in danger of being lost; in Seattle, a group is working to conserve it.  

Wednesday, July 23

The Irrational Hatred

Every reason given by opponents of Israel’s actions in Gaza collapses upon simple analysis; an explanation for the outpouring of rage must be sought elsewhere. 

Are the Democrats Pro-Israel?

Even as the vast majority of Americans back Israel over the Palestinians, support is increasingly fractured along partisan lines. 

Thank You, America—and AIPAC

Without the Iron Dome system, many more Israeli victims might be claimed by Hamas’s missiles. America, and American Jews, helped it come into being.  

How We Remember

Observant Jews practice a variety of rituals to commemorate the anniversary of a relative’s passing. Herewith, a guide.

Follow My Lead

It may seem unfair to criticize rabbis and other communal leaders for ethical lapses we excuse in ourselves, but preachers must not violate what they preach. 


Tevye Betrayed

What’s Wrong with Fiddler on the Roof
Fifty years on, no work by or about Jews has won American hearts so thoroughly. So what's my problem?
By Ruth R. Wisse


The Death of Jewish Culture

The Death of Jewish Culture Revisited
An exchange between the foremost philanthropic supporter of secular Jewish culture and the analyst of its decline.
By Felix Posen and James Loeffler

Horn Surnames

What's In A Name

Jewish Surnames [Supposedly] Explained
“Dara, you’ll love this!” Actually, I don’t.
by Dara Horn


Conservative and Orthodox

The Crisis in Jewish Law Today
Orthodox rabbis need to stop worrying about 200-year-old battles with “Reformers” and allow Jewish law to develop organically, as it did in the past.
By David Golinkin

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The Situation in Europe

You Only Live Twice
Vibrant Jewish communities were reborn in Europe after the Holocaust. Is there a future for them in the 21st century?
by Michel Gurfinkiel

Degenerate Art

The Art World

Degenerate Art and the Jewish Grandmother
The story of the family behind the Nazi-era art trove.
By Walter Laqueur


The September Essay

Intermarriage: Can Anything Be Done?
A half-century after the rate of intermarriage in the US began to skyrocket, the Jewish community appears to have resigned itself to the inevitable. But to declare defeat is preposterous.
by Jack Wertheimer

Aharon L

The Rabbinic World

Who Is Aharon Lichtenstein?
Introducing the extraordinary rabbi who next week will receive Israel’s highest honor.
By Elli Fischer


Yom Hashoah

Making Amends
A mysterious request leads the Canadian-born son of a Holocaust survivor back to the old country.
by Robert Eli Rubinstein


The Intellectual Scene

The Walter Benjamin Brigade
How an original but maddeningly opaque German Jewish intellectual became a thriving academic industry.
by Walter Laqueur

Nicholson Essay

The October Essay

Evangelicals and Israel
What do evangelicals really think about the Jewish people, what are the roots of their Christian Zionism—and what is now driving a growing number away from wholehearted support of Israel.
by Robert W. Nicholson