Avi Shilon

Avi Shilon, a historian and political scientist, is the author of Menachem Begin: A Life (2012), Ben-Gurion: His Later Years in the Political Wilderness (2016), and, most recently, The Left Wing’s Sorrow: Yossi Beilin and the Decline of the Peace Camp (Hebrew, 2017). He teaches at NYU’s Tel Aviv campus and Ben-Gurion University, and contributes op-ed pieces to Haaretz.

Jabotinsky in Full

Despite his many paradoxes, it is possible to fit the Zionist leader’s positions into a single, comprehensive worldview. In fact, to read him faithfully, it’s necessary.

Aug. 30 2021 12:01AM

The Jabotinsky Paradox

How could the man who at one point openly scorned religion also be the forefather of the political coalition that ensured for it a key place in Israeli life?

Aug. 2 2021 5:22AM

Was Menachem Begin a Founder of Israel?

Israel’s sixth prime minister was a leader of consequence and achievement. But how does he relate to Israel’s origins?

July 22 2021 12:05AM

Ben-Gurion's Pragmatic Approach to Borders

The sanctification of specific borders as an ultimate goal was, to Ben-Gurion, a political mistake, a denial of their malleability in response to historical events.

April 23 2018 12:01AM